Steal Their Style: Made in Chelsea

May 20, 2011

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Steal Their Style: Made in Chelsea

The Chelsea girls: (on floor) Milly Mackintosh, (standing L-R) Amber Atherton, Alexandra Felstead, Francesca Hull (sitting L-R) Rosie Fortescue, Caggie Dunlop and Gabriella Ellis.

What do you wear when you’re posh? Watch Made in Chelsea on Monday nights on E4 to find out.  It’s our current TV obsession.

Unlike The Only Way is Essex and My Big Fat Gipsy Wedding, fake tan only appears in Made in Chelsea on a guy. This is how the rich folk work and play in Chelsea in London;  the Middleton sisters wouldn’t get a look as the Kings Road crew NEVER wear high street, the girls dress in fur, designer shoes and sparkly dresses and the guys in, well a mixture of tweed and lots of other odd bits – all against the backdrop The Dorchester Hotel and other such fabulous locations with swish cocktail bars and hotel lounges in South West London.

The TV series follows the love lives of an immaculately dressed, party animal set of friends but is there more to posh accented London folk than champagne and canapés? Apparantly, some scenes and events are constructed for dramatic effect, but we’re led to believe that the cast and their relationships are all based on their real circumstances. Hence the bad acting.


The boys: (L-R) Ollie Locke, Spencer Matthews, Fredrik Ferrier, Francis Boulle and Hugo Taylor join the girls

Meet Spencer: the slime ball broker dressed in a tweed two piece, drives a black 4×4, goes clay pigeon shooting on weekends and living with the leggy brunette dancer Funda but secretly fancying his childhood crush, Caggie, whom  all the guys in the series love to fancy, especially diamond heir Francis Boulle (who dated Harry Potter actress Emma Watson in 2008).

And we can see why. A Sloane Square Olivia Palermo, Caggie has big hair and oozes ‘old money’ but sports the painter look on her dress down days – she has a penchant for denim shirts and even wore one on stage for her first performance as a solo singer.

Then there’s Ollie, the forgetrosexual who drinks-champagne-in-a-hot-tub-in-Chamonix one weekend and is the host (that’s bouncer to the rest of us) at a members only club another. Looking like actor Gael Garcia Bernal only with long, long hair (though not a chest hair in sight), oodles of fake tan and no interest in being left alone with his “girlfriend” Daniella.

There’s also bi-lingual pianist and model Fredrik,  who has a terrible sense of style, (in a woolly Scandinavian fisherman’s jumper kind of way), online jewellery boutique owner Amber, party animal Binky and girl about town blogger, Saska, amongst others– don’t you just love the whacky names?

Rich pickings? Yes and we love it, shallow as we are. To keep up with all the champagne swilling, tune in to E4 on Monday’s at 10pm or catch up TV on 4od. Watch out for all the hunting/shooting/heritage looks next week.

Have you seen Made in Chelsea yet? What do you think?

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