Tips to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2013

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Tips to Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Lingerie can be seductive and sexy, practical or pretty and there are lots of ways to make a lasting impression with it. For Valentine’s Day, it’s often not us ladies choosing the underwear so here are some tips for the guys to help choosing some fancy underwear presents for your loved one.


First, a bit of detective work – take a peek inside your lady’s underwear drawer to check sizes (that means checking a knickers and a bra. The knickers will be sized in 8, 10, 12, 14 etc and bras come in a size 32 plus a cup size, e.g. B, C, D, or DD and so on). Trying to remember how much of your hand her breasts normally fill is not enough in this situation; sizing is something you should not guess!

Style and Colour

Note the styles and colours she normally wears; is she more of a basic neutral, black or white underwear lady? Make sure to look for any recurring patterns in her underwear drawer, as this will likely be what she feels most comfortable and sexy in. There is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box and trying something new, but she’s the one who has to wear it at the end of the day. It might be helpful to check out Figleaves’ range of lingerie brands before you go out on the deep end, or try your luck at a local store like Brown Thomas – there’ll always be someone there to guide you in the right direction.

Bra and knickers sets

Bra and knickers sets go down a treat with us ladies. If all else fails, here is the lingerie set that we think she will love.


If she loves her glamour, then choose this Amour Basque from Pour Moi which can be worn with the all important suspender belt, which will ensure the ultimate in boudoir chic.


Does she normally wear thongs, pants or boy shorts? Remember it’s not for you… and if you get the style and sizing right it shows the amount of effort you have put into this purchase!

As a general rule for bottoms, a dress size 8 is an xs, a size 10 is small, size 12 is medium, size 14/16 is large etc… If your partner is a little more daring, why not try like peek-a-boo or quarter cup bras teamed with stockings & suspenders.

No Control Underwear

Avoid anything marked ‘control’ or ‘slimming’. Although for many of us ladies it is a must for our underwear drawer, it is however not something you would want to receive on Valentine’s Day!

And remember, that there is still time to buy some sexy treats like these and get it in time for Valentine’s Day.

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