Style Staring: Lauren Bejaoui

June 14, 2012

Daily Digest, Street Chic

Style Staring: Lauren Bejaoui

Pictured above, left to right:

Look 1

Top- Fresh,
Bra- Topshop
Pants – Vintage
Shoes – Office

Look 2 – photo by Kevin Breen

T-shirt – Asos
Silk dress – Topshop Boutique
Belt- Clarie’s Accessories
Boots- Vintage
Picture taken by Kevin Breen

Look 3

T-shirt –
Shorts – Vintage Levis

You may recognise Lauren Bejaoui from appearances on Xposé and as the face of many recent fashion editorials (and the face of our fave jeweler, Merle O’Grady’s latest campaign). At just 16 years old, the young model has been carving an impressive career for herself with her unique look and glamorously grungy style.

Her exotic looks come from her Tunisian heritage and while she’s currently unsigned, the stunning student blogger is sure to be snapped up soon. In her spare time, Lauren documents her style inspirations over at
Today, she’s letting us in on how sharing her father’s wardrobe and not scrimping on quality is the key to her style success.

How would you describe your personal style?
I used to consider myself quite grunge but now I’m into the more polished I guess American Apparel type look with a grunge twist. I’m really into 90’s crop tops and high waisted jeans, camel coats and chunky boots.

Who or what inspires your look?
I have always admired Brigitte Bardot’s style. I adore the style of our own Blanaid Hennessy, Angela Scanlon and Corina Gaffey, such fabulous ladies. I don’t usually look to famous people for style I’m more inspired by blogs and lookbooks of other bloggers.

In what ways does being from Ireland influence your style? Does your Tunisian heritage also inspire your style?
I usually try avoiding the typical Irish look. Yes, my heritage definitely inspires me to layer up on delicate and heavy jewellery.

Is there anything you would never wear and why?
I would never ever wear high top runner wedge things. I do not understand why someone would want to wear that on their feet.

What are your favourite current trends, why do you like them and how are you wearing them?
Lately, I have been into light wash denim and camel together. My latest favorite outfits have been my high waisted jeans with a body that has a low cut V neckline, my dad’s camel coat and oxblood boots and my peach high waisted shorts with a crop top, evil twin cape, tons of jewelry and black chunky heeled boots.

Where are your favourite places to shop in Dublin and abroad?
Shutterbug and 9 Crow street are definitely the best vintage shops in Dublin. I love Topshop, America Apparel and Public Beware. If I’m looking for amazing t-shirts and unreal hot pants I go to and

What are your favourite fashion websites/blogs?, and

What is the first thing you notice about someone else’s outfit?
I tend to go straight to shoes and jewellery.

What items of clothing do you splurge on and what do you scrimp on?
I spend a good amount of money on everything as you pay for what you get. Quality is really important for me and I like feeling special in what I’m wearing. I spend the least on costume jewellery.

What fashion rule do you always break?
Wearing black and brown together and I don’t usually follow fashion related rules I just go with what I like.

What fashion rule do you never break?
Always wear underwear that can’t been seen. I absolutely hate seeing girls in tiny strapless dress from Asos and their hideous Penny’s maximize bras underneath. Strapless dress = strapless bra.

Do you like Lauren’s look?

 – Gillian Brett

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  1. Roisin Says:

    I like elements of each look, particularly the cool, comfortable, casual look in pic 3. It’s just a pity that she comes across as being quite arrogant about her personal fashion sense. Is high street and vintage fashion not supposed to be fun, accessible and non-elitist? … no need to turn it into something superfluous that alienates people based on their dress sense!


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