Laser Eye Surgery – To Be or Not To Be?

February 20, 2013

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That is the question.

I’ve worn glasses since the age of 16, when one day in Irish class during my leaving cert year, I was sitting at the back of the class and couldn’t make out the writing on the blackboard.

I went for some eye tests in Specs avers to find out that I was short sighted and needed glasses to drive, watch TV and other such “far away” viewing. I’ve continued with Specsavers over the years for eye tests and contact lense prescriptions and wear a gorgeous pair of Missoni frames during the day and contacts on nights out.

I often toy with the idea of having laser eye surgery done. Why? I’m sometimes  caught squinting (which makes me look like an old woman, gives you wrinkles and is NOT a good look in general ) or simply blanking people on the street or at events ‘cos I simply can’t see them if I’m not wearing my glasses or contacts. Plus if I’m totally honest, I look better “sans spectacles”.

A few of my friends have had laser eye surgery done to improve their vision and rave about the benefits – how bad can being glasses and contacts free forever be?

The only thing that’s holding me back is a) the cost and b) the fact that the procedure slightly scares the hell out of me. Laser eye surgery costs up to €1990 which is the kind of money I don’t have lying around and the fact that my mum has had lots of problems with one of her eyes and plenty of surgeries to fix it (and gone through lots of pain as a result) are two reasons that are holding me back.

However, I read recently that Poppy Disney, one of my all time favourite fashion bloggers and founder of, the UK’s largest outfit sharing site, has had the procedure done with Optical Express in Harley Street, London. Optical Express also has clinics in Ireland, to find where, visit them here.

She describes laser eye treatment in a thorough and entertaining way, as only she can do and talks about it in this video above. She even makes wearing sunglasses during the day appealing, which is something that’s advised immediately after treatment.

So, I am nearly convinced but haven’t taken the steps to talk to a laser eye clinic yet,  so would love to hear your thoughts if you have had it done.

What do you think of laser eye surgery? Have you had it done or would you recommend it? Is it painful?

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3 Responses to “Laser Eye Surgery – To Be or Not To Be?”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    Whatever about her eye surgery, I want to know where she gets her teeth whitened!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    I wonder? It’s another thing I’ve yet to try

  3. Aine Says:

    I got it done in the Wellington Eye Clinic on the Beacon Hospital campus and would highly recommend. It makes everything easier and quicker, particularly applying make-up and swimming. You never have that “glasses fogging up when you walk into a pub in winter” thing and you can shave your own legs without missing bits!

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