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Style Staring: Kristina Bazan

November 23, 2011

Daily Digest

Style Staring: Kristina Bazan

Switzerland is best known for watches, snow sports and delicious chocolate. It is not revered for being a fashion capital, but ultra-chic Swiss blogger Kristina Bazan is certainly putting it on the map.

18 year old Kristina set up late last year as a means of communicating her unique style to a global audience. The name Kayture was created by a combination of her nickname ‘Kay’ with ‘Couture’ because she has a serious appreciation for high fashion. Read on to find out about her new glitter-obsession and her ultimate fashion icon.

How did you first become interested in fashion?
Ever since I remember, I have always had a big passion for fashion; I loved playing with my mother’s clothes and finding new outfits for birthday parties. In Switzerland, the fashion world is virtually unknown. People here aren’t interested in this industry so it was quite hard for me to speak to people about my values and aspirations concerning fashion. Then I discovered web communities such as Lookbook and I realised that is was possible to communicate about fashion through the internet and share opinions with people from all over the world!

How would you describe your personal style?
Most of the time it’s very polished and chic, I love playing with bright colours combined with more neutral ones as much as I adore matching different textures such as fur or silk together.

I have never worn a lot of jewellery or, many accessories. That makes my style sometimes a bit minimalistic. Also the main element of my looks are the different lipsticks I pair with my outfits, the little touch of colour completes the look.

What inspires your look?
I pick up inspiration for my blog from magazines, streetstyle blogs, movies or celebrities. Therefore I haven’t got one person in particular who is an inspiration for my wardrobe, when I choose an outfit I do not think of somebody else. When I dress up I do it for myself, because it is a real pleasure and a delightful game!

How does being from Switzerland influence your style?
As I mentioned, fashion isn’t big in Switzerland. Most of the people prefer to be comfortable; therefore the style is very classic and casual. The cuts are very basic and the colours are mostly dark ones, such as black or brown.  My sometimes extravagant fashion choices cause some heads turn when I walk, but I must admit that sometimes I can’t always wear what I want and I find it sad.

What designers do you love and who are your style icons?
My biggest inspiration is Gabrielle Chanel, I’m a huge fan of hers since I discovered her story and how she gained her success. Since Karl Lagerfeld took up Chanel, I love it even more! Also I really like Louis Vuitton, Mui Miu and Dior.

What are your favourite current trends, why do you like them and how are you wearing them?
I do have a true obsession about the new Miu Miu glitter shoe collection, it inspired me so much. Therefore most of my outfits right now include sequins or sparkles, I think it adds so much originality and fun to a look.

Name one go-to piece in your wardrobe and tell us why you love it?
My favourite item right now are my new Zara leather wedges, they are very high but so comfortable. Also they add an incredible modern touch to any outfit.

Where are your favourite places to shop in Switzerland?
I love shops such as Mango or Zara because of their reasonable prices and cool designs. However for more original pieces I love shopping online, to find rare items.

What are your favourite fashion websites/blogs?
I really like Carolina Engman’s blog called Fashion Squad, she was one of the first bloggers I discovered.  I also enjoy reading Betty form Le Blog de Betty, she’s very funny and it’s nice to read a blog in French since it’s my mother tongue!

What do you love most about fashion and what are your pet hates?
I try to be tolerant with everybody’s vision of fashion and style. Therefore I don’t have a real hate. However, I must admit that I really don’t like Crocs!

Pictured left to right

Outfit 1:

SHOES: Cuple
CLUTCH: Topshop

Outfit 2:

CLUTCH: Louis Vuitton
RING: Chanel
BRACELET: Zara Taylor

Outfit 3:

PANTS: Isabel Lu

Outfit 4:

SHOES: Miu Miu
BAG: Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE: personal design

– Gillian Brett

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