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Jewellery to suit your face shape

August 25, 2010

Ask The Stylist, Daily Digest

Jewellery to suit your face shape

By Ann Marie Proudfoot

Pictured left to right: French Connection pearl necklace, All Saints choker, Topshop earrings.

This summer, it is all about layering and stacking up the jewels. Without emulating the complete Mr T look, you can still afford to go a little over the top!

Double necklaces, layered bracelets and stacked rings are all a great look. You just need to know when enough is enough. This doesn’t mean being conservative – you can still have a dramatic look; it’s just about getting the balance right.

Although jewellery choices are mainly based on your own taste, I am going to give you some guidelines to follow that will help you choose the best pieces for your skin tone, face shape and summer look.

Skin tones

When it comes to what metal works best for you, it can very much depend on what you like and the overall look you are trying to achieve. Although you shouldn’t always just be limited by the rules, the right colour can really make you glow.

Cool skin tones – Skin tones with rosy or blue undertones work well with silvers, white gold and platinum.

Warm skin tones – Skin tones with a peach or yellow undertones work well with gold, rose gold, brass and copper.

Neutral tones – If you have olive or dark undertones you can wear both gold and silver.

Like your haircut, there are certain styles of earrings and necklaces that will complement and enhance your face shape. If you feel you have a cross between a few, just follow the more prominent shape of your face.

Sweetheart shaped face

For the sweetheart shaped face, choose earrings that are wider at the bottom as this will help to add balance to the narrowest point on your face. Opt for a pair of teardrop earrings, chandelier or triangular shapes, like these from Topshop.

A choker style necklace is a good style for you as it will soften the shape around your chin. If you prefer a longer style necklace choose a long wrap style that will circle around twice, keeping one part closer to the neck.

Long shaped face

With a long shaped face, go for short or round earrings. Chokers work well on you because they draw the eye up and widthways giving the appearance of a shorter face. Check out this great style from All Saints, it comes in 2 colour ways.

Round shaped face

Long lean earrings will help elongate a round shaped face.  A long necklace, like these from All Saints, will also work really well on you to draw the eye downwards.

Oval shaped face

An oval shaped face is suited to both long and short earrings. You can experiment with some fun shapes, long spiralled earrings, hoops, cute studs and teardrops will all look great on you. You can equally have fun with necklaces as most shapes will suit you. Love this sculpted neckpiece by Malene Birger at Net a Porter; even better, it’s on sale!

Square shaped face

For a square shaped face, earrings with a round edge will look good on you because it help soften the angles of your jaw line. Go for a great pair of hoop earrings. You can also choose long styles just make sure they are not square or have sharp angles.

You also need to choose necklaces that will add softness; pearls can help soften up the angles. There are lots of ways to wear pearls you don’t have to take the traditional root of just one string, you can layer them up with another necklace or wear chunky pearls. Love these from French Connection.

Bracelets and cocktail rings

If you are not an earrings or necklace kinda gal, then go for a bracelet or a cocktail ring. This alone can really jazz up an outfit. I am also a fan of brooches, they can be used as a clasp on a fur shrug, liven up a scarf or work well to nip in a dress at the side waist if it’s a little big.

Here are couple of my favourites:

Net a porter

House of Harlow, Nicole Ritchie’s jewellery range



Earrings and necklace together?

If you would like to go all out and wear statement earrings and a necklace, then opt for a necklace at chest level or below. Don’t team earrings up with a choker as there will just be a little too much going on around your face.

So go ahead, be a little adventurous. Jewellery can really transform an outfit. From the words of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe “Jewellery is a conversation piece. So get talking.”

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15 Responses to “Jewellery to suit your face shape”

  1. orla Says:

    The Oxfam store on South King Street is great for jewellery finds and I have always found them amazing value. All the pieces have a tag on it telling you where in the world it was made.
    It is a great way to support Oxfam and the work that they do.

  2. AnnMarie Proudfoot Says:

    Hi Orla,

    Thanks for that. I will definetly be going in to have a look for some finds.
    And yes I agree a great way to support Oxfam at the same time.

  3. aoifs Says:

    Great article, really interesting re shape of face and earrings. Something I wished I had when looking for earrings for my wedding recently!

  4. AnnMarie Proudfoot Says:

    Thanks Aoifs. Congrats on your wedding! What earrings did you wear?

  5. Jenny Says:

    Believe it or not, Marks & Spencers sometimes have nice options – you have to dig around a bit (some of their stuff is not great!), but I’ve found pretty earrings and statement necklaces there on occassion. Also, the stock turns over relatively frequently, so you won’t see everyone wearing the same pieces.

  6. Aoifs Says:

    Hi AnnMarie. Thanks. I didn’t wear any neck jewelry so I wanted to accessorise a bit through the earrings. I’ve never bother to get my ears pierced and left it too late to do it. So my options were restricted but Jenny Vander has a huge selection of clip ons and they were very helpful in choosing the right pair for the dress and my face. They even gave me a lend of a spare pair just in case the other ones didn’t suit the dress! So I went with a pearl vintage style, short (as I’ve a long face) and neat. Loved them!

  7. Annemarie Says:

    I am the same with the old non pierced ears – and selection is limited (Claires and )…so I must check out Jenny Vander, thanks Aoifs

  8. Annemarie Says:

    Jenny, thats good to know about Marks and Sparks, must have a look at the accessories from now on. Got a gorgeous wrap cardigan there a couple of months ago

  9. Alethea Says:

    This is a really helpful look-I find the layered jewellery look hard to pull off with individual necklaces but its much easier to do with a double necklace.
    I love Dunnes for nice costume jewellery bits-not too expensive either

  10. Camilla Says:

    All of the above mentioned have fab jewellery. Wallis I have noticed do have great statement rings and cuffs. They also do a good sale when they have one. Unfortunately all of their stores do not have large jewellery section.

  11. Annemarie Says:

    I’ve never seen the Wallis Jewellery Camilla but must check it out

  12. Annemarie Says:

    Althea – I find that the necklaces are getting thicker, double, triple, layer upon layer. Its definitely all about piling it on this weather

  13. Lynn Sticklen Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! I love anythings antiques, but in particularly engagement rings.

  14. Annmarie Proudfoot Says:

    Thanks Lynn. I love antique jewellery too. Jenny Vanders near Georges street arcade in Dublin has some really nice antique pieces.


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