How to wear rolled up jeans

April 21, 2009

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How to wear rolled up jeans

Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson and Sarah Jessica Parker – they’re all at it. What’s that you may ask? Rolling up their jeans, that’s what.

The 80’s peg leg profile is back but these days we call it rolled up jeans, roll up jeans or cuffed jeans. This trend kicked in last summer thanks to Katie Holmes and the fashion pack in LA and NYC who were seen running around in glam shoes and rolled up jeans.

Now that the weather seems to be improving (although you never know in this country), you can cheekily bare some leg with rolled up jeans.

How to wear rolled up jeans

This silhouette sits low on the hips and is cut loose so it works on both straight and curvy girls.  But the short waisted or petite ladies should opt for lesser roll up, so proportions aren’t so short as it were.

The look is based on loose, boyish jeans which you peg and roll – or in some cases the jeans are already rolled up. The idea is to show off inches of bare leg and wear rolled up jeans with stunning shoes.

Footwear – Wear rolled up jeans with cage shoes or strappy sandals for a glamorous outfit. For a more casual look, wear with ballet pumps, gladiator sandals or deck shoes.

On top – wear with a nice blouse or an oversized T-shirt but the silhouette looks best when the waistband is showing – so best to tuck it in whatever top you wear.  Because your waist band will be on show, wear a nice leather belt for a daytime feel or a patent belt for going out at night.

Where to buy already rolled up jeans

Current Elliott’s boyfriend jeans are the celebs favourite (€251 from Net-a-porter). LA stylists-turned-designers Meritt Elliott and Emily Current’s jeans are boyfriend jeans which are pre rolled at the bottom and cut like Levi’s 501 at the top.

Otherwise, Wallis and New Look have decent high street solutions for around the €35 mark.

How to roll jeans yourself

For a recessionista-proof option which won’t cost you anything,  do it yourself on your old boot cut jeans.   Who will tell the difference? Here’s how to roll jeans yourself:

1. Keep proportions even
Pick jeans cut straight and loose through the leg but not wide.
Look for a men’s fit for example, a pair of boot cut, Levi’s 501’s which sit low on your hips are just right.

2. Fold upwards
Hold your jeans leg taut, fold a section over the ankle, and then tightly roll up the whole section. Don’t taper the leg too tightly.

3. Do it again
Roll up again to make it a double roll-up which shows off plenty of ankle.  If it looks like you’ve just hitched your jeans to wade through a stream then you’re on the right path!

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