Tips for Choosing the Right Footwear

February 15, 2010

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Tips for Choosing the Right Footwear

By AnnMarie Proudfoot

For most of us the reality is that we own more heels than flats or runners, and we have all bought a pair that looked so pretty we had already decided they were coming home with us before we even tried them on.

Although for years I have been a slave to shoes I fell in love with, I have now become a bit more conscious of what I put on my feet. There is no point in saying that we are not going to wear heels as much, but if you don’t want to end up with angular toes (medically known as bunions) or trips to the foot doctor, then just put a little more thought into your feet before purchasing the next pair.

1. Ensure the fit is the best possible to avoid your foot sliding to the front of the shoe as this will cause pressure on your toes.

2. Invest in pair of gel pads for the ball of your foot; this will help alleviate pressure and that throbbing pain after a day’s wear in high shoes.

3. If you plan to wear your heels for the day, choose a pair with leather insoles and sides especially if you are not wearing tights. They tend to absorb sweat and don’t cause your feet to slide around.

4. If you are used to always wearing heels, apparently your Achilles tendon can shrink. Noticeable when you then wear flats and feel a pain in the back of the calf. One way to try to combat this is running or stretching exercises.

5. Lastly, keep some plasters in your bag, especially for the first time you wear your shoes!

After you’ve taken care of the health of your feet, let’s get down to the type that suit your leg and body shape best.

Large calves

If you find it hard to find a pair of boots that will zip up, then you are best opting for stretch knee highs. For the spring, opt for a pair of shoe boots. I love these ankle grey Poonie boots with a rosette on the side and was very happy to discover Steve Madden delivers to Ireland. The cost is an additional $39.95 per item.

Skinny legs

Shoe Boots are also a great option for your leg shape. Knee high tend to be too loose on you and make your leg appear even thinner. Try these peep toe option from River Island (£59.99) in tan and cream. (Navigate to page 1 of boots in the footwear section).

Large ankles

Avoid ankle strap shoes as this will draw attention to your ankles. Try a pair of killer pumps. Buffalo do a good range with platforms which helps balance out the height of the heel.

Large feet

If you’re a little self-conscious about the size of your feet look for a peep toe or round toe with a chunky heel this will make your feet appear smaller. Try these ones from Pied a Terre.

Short legs

Avoid ankle straps as they will make your legs look shorter; choose nude and beige shoes to elongate your legs. Here’s a great pair from Kurt Geiger, although a little pricey this nude colour can be teamed up with lots of looks for Spring/Summer.

Wide feet

Avoid pointed toes because they are just going to cause you pain around your toe area. Also, after a while, the shoes will display tell-tale signs that your toes are crammed in there! There are some very cute round toes shoes around that you will find much more comfy.  I love these Mis L Fire bow shoes Honey Bee Shoes which are currently only available in select sizes on Asos. Check out the Miss L Fire range of vintage style shoes .

Short in height

Wedges are a great option if you are a little on the short side because the height is distributed so they don’t appear as high and don’t look like you are wearing towering shoes. Topshop have some great wedges right now.

Tall in height

Choose a stylish pair of flats if you feel too tall in heels. There are great flat available online and in stores that will take you from day to night. I love these flat pumps with thick ankle from River Island. (Navigate to page 5 of pumps in the footwear section).

When you’re looking for an extra spring in your step opt for a pair of runners. Your feet will love you for it! Here are a few of my favourites:


Why not take a stroll down memory lane with this Cabana Racer pair from Puma’s archive collection?

Add a little animal fun to your Converse with this leopard print option (pictured).  Or let some Air Rift Nikes cool you this summer.

Finally treat yourself to a pedicure every once in a while. Mink in Donnybrook and Ballsbridge have a full range of pedicures including a white chocolate and cranberry option. Although I haven’t tried and tested this deluxe pedicure, for 80 Euros I would hope to be walking on air afterwards!

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