In My Holiday Suitcase: Toiletries & Makeup

November 30, 2010

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In My Holiday Suitcase: Toiletries & Makeup

Image: Taken on 30.11.2010 by the pool in Koh Samui. Pictured, from left: Trilogy Intensive Lip treatment, Vani-t Bronzing Custard, Jackie L Tinted Mosturizer, Soltan sun lotion, Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Trilogy Travellers, Maybelline lip pencil, L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara, Rimmel Vinyl  lipgloss, Neostrata daycream with SPF, Dermalogica toner, Chanel Bronze Universel (centre).

And now for something different admist the snow.

I’m currently taking a belated summer holiday in Thailand and if you’re wondering what I’ve packed for my holiday wardrobe,  there’s a post on that later this week, but first to what’s in my nécessaire.

After lugging a backpack around the world for 6 months a few years ago, I’ve since learned to pack lightly when it comes to holidays and now cut it down to a carry-on trolley bag, with my toilet bag containing carry-on sizes only. Ryanair & co helped with this evolution and I find there’s just no room for shampoos, conditioners and hairdryers (I use the hotel’s ones) and I tend to take along miniatures or samples which I collect during the year for occasions such as these.

Jackie L Tinted Mosturizer Sheer Tint SPF 20 (€28)

A warm weather holiday for me means no day makeup and barely there makeup in the evening.  Foundation just slides off me in the heat so I tend to stick to a tinted moisturizer for summer holidays. I picked up this organic Tinted Mosturizer by Jackie L at Cloisters Spa and the fact that it has SPF 20 means that it protects during the day and adds a sun kissed glow for the evening. I had just enough left for my holidays after using this for most of the summer.

Soltan SPF 25 Moisturising Sun care Lotion, €9.50, Boots

Gone are my sun worshipping days and with my pale skin I tend to use a high SPF all the time now. I use SPF 50 on my face and at least a SPF 25 everywhere else. The great thing about this trip is that there was a Boots on practically every corner in Bangkok and at the airport so I stocked up on sun cream and mosquito repellent when I got here (much cheaper than at home too).

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss, €6.55, Boots

I love a slick of this vibrant pink gloss during the day but I also wear it over a lip pencil -Maybelline lip liner in red -for an evening look.  This gloss feels moisturizing, allows for a generously sized application and smells of vanilla; all in all my favourite gloss at the moment.

Chanel Bronze Universel  bronzer €34, Dublin airport shopping

My “don’t leave home without it” beauty product for a couple of years now, this bronzer is the bees knees. It’s often sold out at Chanel counters in town so I tend to stock up on it at the airport where it’s way cheaper.

Vani-T Bronzing Custard €22, Halcyon Therapy

So as not to feel pale and pasty when I got here, I had the Vani-T organic spray tan (€35, Halcyon Therapy,101 Upper Trees Rd Mt Merrion Co. Dublin, Tel 087 7864854 ) just before I left, possibly the best spray tan I’ve gotten to date as it really looks natural .

While I was there I indulged in this Bronzing Custard as a gradual top up for when the spray tan fades, or in my case gets wiped out as soon as you hit the pool!  In which case, I start again and use this to build a natural glow.

This is the white clear bottle to the left – I bought the full bottle and then filled it into a smaller one (you can buy plastic bottles in Boots or Dunnes Stores) for my travels.

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara, €12, Boots

I don’t use day mascara on a warm weather holiday at all but use this mascara in the evening, as part of my minimalist holiday makeup look. This is my favourite lengthening mascara at present, the comb is precise and as a waterproof mascara, I find it totally smudge proof while also giving me the most amazing long lashes I never knew I had!

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (20ml), €19.95, Arnotts

I discovered Trilogy’s natural product range this year and this is their award-winning product, certified for reducing stretch marks and scar reduction. On my holidays, this serves as my night cream when I’m usually in need of recovery after a day’s sweating and heat.  It’s a lightweight oil which absorbs like a serum and has Essential Fatty Acids (Omegas 3, 6 and 9), yes just like the good stuff in fish except that it smells plesant.

Trilogy Travellers, €34.95, local pharmacy

This turned out to be the perfect set of mini products for my trip, these rosehip-based natural Travellers set contains a cleanser (30 ml), facial exfoliant (10ml), body cream (20 ml) and a hydrating mist toner (20 ml) which I’ve used on the long haul flight as a moisturizing facial spritzer, during the day and night to cool down and I’ve kept it cool in the fridge in the hotel room in between use.   This is one bloody hot country and I found this set to be the ultimate in skin soothing!  I did leave the mosturizer behind in favour of one with a built-in SPF, a mini tube of Neostrata Daytime Protection Cream.

Trilogy intense lip balm (7 ml), €12.95, Arnotts

I use this during the day, the cocoa and shea butter is great for dry lips affected by the sun. It’s like Vaseline, only better.

Dermalogica Toner

Again a miniature version for daily toning which I picked up in some goodie bag or other during the year and kept especially for times like this.

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  1. Orla Says:

    I can’t help but feel a little jealous as I read this post and look out the kitchen window at the blizzard that is blowing! My poor toes and fingers cannot handle the cold! Love the Chanel bronzer! Enjoy the sun!

  2. fluff and fripperies (Emma) Says:

    Oh Anne Marie. I’m not gonna lie: I’m too jealous to even read this post.


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