The World’s Largest Handbag

November 4, 2010

Daily Digest

The World’s Largest Handbag

Pictured with the giant 12ft Hermes Kelly bag is Jane Murray and Irish model Sarah Morrissey.

Where would a woman be without her handbag? Lost, I would imagine.

Well the roles were reversed yesterday when I got lost INSIDE the largest handbag in the world and experienced what it was like to see the world from within a bag –and now you too can experience this for yourself!

In actual fact, the bag is an animation space celebrating the Kelly bag, which shot to fame when it was adopted as the bag of choice by legendary screen and style icon, Grace Kelly.

Customers are able to step inside the bag to watch one of three short films about Grace Kelly while the bag simulates movement so that you feel (and see) what it’s like from the inside of a handbag.

The Grafton Street Dublin store is the first shop in the world to showcase the Kellydoscope, which is situated in the Accessories Hall at Brown Thomas Dublin until Sunday, November 14th 2010.

The arrival of the world’s largest bag celebrates the opening of The Marvel Room at Brown Thomas Dublin – a unique gifting emporium filled with one-off, limited edition pieces commissioned exclusively for Brown Thomas and available nowhere else in the world.

Here’s a pic of me standing beside the bag. If only every Wednesday morning could feel so glamorous!


And the cutest Hermes handbag biscuit – it’s nearly too good to eat!


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  1. Aoifs Says:

    Louis Walsh was having a nose around this yesterday eve in BTs…don’t think he went in tho!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Ha ha brilliant. A great escape from his X Factor duties!

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