5 Minutes With: Henry Holland

March 7, 2013

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5 Minutes With: Henry Holland


On a flying visit to Dublin, Henry Holland was in BT2 on Grafton Street for the official launch of his House of Holland SS13 collection today. As longstanding devotees of House of Holland’s nineties nostalgia, affordable price points and instant cool factor, WhatSheWears.ie gladly took the opportunity to chat to the man behind the cult label.

WSW: First things first, welcome to Dublin! Talk us through the collections that will be stocked in BT2.

Henry: There will be two collections here; Pre-Spring – which is all about Americana, cheerleaders and pom-poms – and Spring Summer, which is our take on nineties grunge. A slightly happier take on nineties grunge, Buzz Kill is a hyper-feminine interpretation of nineties grunge. I wanted to do grunge, nothing too literal, but taking certain iconic prints and references from the nineties. For example, we’ve got the check pattern on one of strapless dresses which is very typical of what was worn at the time on check and flannel shirts. We then took that pattern and mixed it up, combining it with some really sharp tailored pieces. We’ve also gone the super-vintage inspired, super-girly route, as seen with our lurex floral crop top and pencil skirt combo.

WSW: What way do you see Irish ladies wearing the collection?

Henry: I know that you like a bit of glitz and a bit of embellishment, so maybe the lurex pieces and the sweaters with the embellished flowers would be good. I think it’s quite a sexy look over here so the tops of the midriffs with our crop tops and pencil skirts would work well. Really though, I love seeing people styling up my pieces and the different ways they interpret them. You spend so much time with these pieces and the imagery lives on for so long in your mind afterwards that it’s nice to see it working in different ways.

Nineties grunge-inspired looks from Buzz Kill SS13


WSW: For anyone unfamiliar with the House of Holland aesthetic, the nineties is your era, isn’t it?

Henry: It is – I can’t help it! I try really hard to get away from it but the nineties keep reeling me back in. It’s a time when I fell in love with fashion, especially from watching films like Empire Records and Clueless. Everything to do with those eras and film, I absolutely love fashion and film.

WSW: Speaking of fashion film, it’s something that’s becoming increasingly common within fashion houses. As a brand, has House of Holland embraced fashion film yet?

Henry: Yes, we’ve done a few and just recently, one for Pre-Spring which focused on our Americana-inspired pom-poms. Fashion film is really great because I think it gives you another medium by which to showcase your collection. When we do fashion shows, we as a team create this 10 minute window by which to present the collection in the right setting with the right music. Film is just another way of being able to do that and obviously digital is another huge way by which we consume fashion these days.

Fun and frivolous in Americana-led Pre-Spring ’13


WSW: Now that womenswear is a runaway success, are you looking to menswear?

Henry: We already do four collections a year with a team of ten. So to add in another two collections, my team are basically saying ‘Please don’t!’ But it’s definitely something that I have plans to do. It’s the next big step for the label.

WSW: These days, it’s not enough for menswear to work for men alone though, it functions for women too. Is this something you would take into consideration if creating menswear for the label?

Henry: We actually have quite a few boys that wear our oversized pieces. Things like that are intended to be more of a unisex piece and we do get a lot of boys asking us about the stripy jeans and the spotty jeans. When we first started the collections, t-shirts were an oversized shape so there was always an element of that duality. Now though, I do think the lines between menswear and womenswear are becoming increasingly blurred. All over the world, men carry handbags. All over the world, men wear womenswear. I mean, Kanye West wore womenswear Celine on stage at Coachella. If there are straight black rappers wearing designer womenswear then I don’t see why everybody else can’t get on board with it!

Availability: Buzz Kill is now available exclusively at BT2 on Grafton Street.

What pieces will you be shopping from the collection?

– Meghan Costelloe

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