Guide to Transitional Dressing

January 3, 2013

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Guide to Transitional Dressing




As we move away from winter and onto the spring / summer items for the impending season it can be hard to find those staple wardrobe essentials for the change in season – you don’t want to pack away your winter coat just yet, but once the spring days come back around, you’ll look a bit silly all wrapped up in a faux fur gilet.

That said, the weather is never reliable and there are days when hiking up your skirt or ditching your layers simply isn’t possibly.

This guide will show you some of the best ‘transitional’ wardrobes workhorses for those awkward in-between months. So whether you’re looking for plus sizes available in the UK, petite or maternity, you’re in luck:

A light trench

A trench coat is a fantastic option for outerwear during those middle months – it’s the perfect way to keep you nice and cosy without looking either over or under dressed. Plus, it’s such a classy piece of attire, you can wear it to all manner of occasions; from barbeques to bars, post-work events and shopping on a Saturday, the trench coat is an all round great option. Choose a camel colour for a truly sophisticated vibe, or try black – either one is timeless and will last you a lifetime.

Cropped chinos

Keeping with a sophisticated flair, cropped chinos are also a great way to outsmart a mischievous Mother Nature. Their formalised, structured style means they’ll look cute teamed with a floaty chiffon top. If it’s not too warm outside, pair these with an ethnic print tunic for a casual affair or a marl-knit sweater for a preppy look.

Neutral V Brights

The great thing about in-between dressing is that both neutral and bright colours work. When coming out of the party season, tame your sparkly sequined tops with neutral trousers and a jacket, and swap that embellished handbag and studded boots for a tan leather strap satchel and cowboy boots, as Rosie Huntington Whiteley does (pictured above left).

Brights are a great way to ease your wardrobe back in to summer, as the sharp injection of colour means your outfit will instantly feel, and look, warmer. Just add one bright piece to your outfit.

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