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Go Buy Now: Merle O’Grady Jewellery

December 12, 2011

Daily Digest

Go Buy Now: Merle O’Grady Jewellery

On Saturday we took part in the inaugural The Closet Clearout, which was a whole lotta fun. The highlight of the day was jewellery designer Merle O’Grady’s stand where there was a frenzy of style savvy buyers making a stampede for her edgy jewellery which she was selling at knock down prices.

We caught up with Merle to find out that not only were her earrings worn by Kelly Rowland on this year’s X Factor (her spike designs were worn by Cherly Cole on the same TV show two years ago) but that Jesy from Little Mix (pictured below) is a huge fan of her Hermatite Triangle Collar.

little mix twilight premiere

She’s also just struck a deal with Urban Outfitters in the US who’ll be selling her jewellery online in the New Year.

It’s great to see what she is doing for Irish design and every piece she sells is handmade by her in her London apartment.

We’ve had our eye on her spike ring for ages now so we were thrilled to pick it up yesterday along with a bombshell bracelet (the same style that Cheryl wore, pictured above) and a silver long length chain necklace.

Availability: Rebecca Davis, Style Tonic and My Wardrobe.

Read more about Merle in our or spiked accessory report and Q&A with her at London Fashion Week AW 11.

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