What She Wears: Solved

March 25, 2010

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What She Wears: Solved

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Every day I get asked about what certain fashion frontrunners and celebrities of our small screens are wearing – what she wears to which event and how to find the exact (or similar outfits) in Ireland. Keep the questions coming to info@whatshewears.ie

Awards season was very busy here in the office covering The Golden Globes, The Oscars (I tweeted live about the dresses as they hit The Oscars red carpet from Twitter, if you’re not already on there follow me @whatshewears), The IFTAS and The Meteors.

So needless to say, most of the most recent requests concerned the red carpet – and these ones in particular, the Irish red carpet.

Karen Koster at the Meteor Awards 2010

The request came in as soon as the red carpet finished at the Meteor awards. “Where did Karen Koster get her dress for the Meteor awards when she presented an award?”.

The dress is from the Chica Boutique’s own range and it’s called the Nila Dress. It’s not for sale yet in Chica until the start to mid April. The Nila Dress comes in blue (as worn by Karen) or white (as per gallery image below) and retails at €359.99.

Glenda Gilson’s dress at the VIP Awards

Coincidentally, another of the requests concerns another Xposé presenter, this time Glenda Gilson.

It’s a red ball gown by Jovani, from Lara boutique, Dame Lane, Dublin 2. You can also find this label in Fran & Jane Blackrock and can check out Jovani’s collection online on edressme.com.

Glenda Gilson’s dress on The Sun ad

You may have seen this ad on the side of buses and in magazines recently – advertising Xpose’s column in The Sun newspaper. You can see a picture of it below in the gallery (it’s not great as it’s taken off a passing bus!).

Having spotted her “on the bus”, a reader frantically rang in about this dress, wanting to wear it to a wedding.

The dress Glenda wore is a salmon coloured Versace dress, a to the knee style rented from Covet, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin. It costs €195 to borrow for 3 days.

I have to say that Glenda looks stunning lately; her dress choices and figure are amazing. I saw her at a beauty event in Brown Thomas recently and she is very tall too, much taller than you would think from TV, towering over little 5 ft 3″ me!

So now over to you. What do you think of these dresses or red carpet style in Ireland?

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Photo of Glenda Gilson; Wenn, Photo of Karen Koster and Lisa Cannon; Whatshewears.ie

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11 Responses to “What She Wears: Solved”

  1. caterine buckley Says:

    fab wow factor style very pricey dont have that sort of money at the moment have a party comming up soon looking for something nice to wear

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Yes I guess the red carpet /celebs command a certain price eh? Have you tried Kildare Village? reasonable discounts there. also some high street shops having mid season sales at the mo

  3. Annemarie Says:

    Dont want Lisa Cannon to feel left out! The dress Lisa Cannon wore to the Meteors (alongside karen) is from Covet.ie too. It’s €145 to borrow for 3 days. The designer is Marc Bouwer.

  4. orla Says:

    Not feeling Karen Kosters dress at all….. but have to say that Lisa Cannon looks amazing!!!! Loving her dress… I would need to order new arms though. Mine aren’t summer ready just yet!

  5. patrese Says:

    ya Lisa Cannon looks amazing!

  6. Annemarie Says:

    Neither are mine Orla. Think I have typical “Irish arms”. Bigger at the top with a pinkish tint near the top. Awful.
    Oh to have Glenda Gilsons toned guns. I bet she works hard in the gym to get ’em like that and it shows!

  7. Annemarie Says:

    Doesnt she just Patrese? I’d never heard of Bouwer but will certainly be checking him out now in Covet. They are having a one day sale tomorrow Saturday see Covet.ie but I won’t be in Dublin for it :(

  8. caterine buckley Says:

    seen a dress like karens in littlewoods on line it was in black

  9. Catriona Says:

    Thanks Annemarie for all your help in tracking down the Versace dress!

    To be honest I personally don’t like the idea of renting – yes its great when on a budget but I would prefer to own a dress after forking out over €300 on it.

  10. Annemarie Says:

    You’re welcome. I know what you mean, would be nice to keep the dress alright

  11. yoyodresses Says:

    The dresses are so beautiful. It not only shows women’s slim finger, but also shows wpmen’s charm. Hope have more amazing gowns.

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