Beauty: Baring Your Legs For Summer

May 29, 2013

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Beauty: Baring Your Legs For Summer

Tanned legs are not natural to me (I am quite pale) and when in the sun I slather myself in SPF 50 or higher as I’m really wary of the harmful effects of the sun.  However there are “sun-less” ways to tan and I find that a quick application of Sally Hansen airbrush legs makes even my pastiest of limbs presentable.

Sally Hansen airbrush legs comes in either a spray (€13.95) or a lotion (€16.95).  I spray the tan onto a tanning mit and then rub the mit with applied spritz of tan onto my legs and rub it in. It really is the perfect make-up for legs, but not suitable for any other part of the body.

Tanning mits are easy to come by – in Penneys for example.

The Sally Hansen airbrush legs Light Glow shade is just perfect for me, and I sometimes go for the Medium Glow if I want it a shade darker. It also comes in Tan and Deep.

For special occasions, I’m going to be mixing Sally Hansen airbrush legs with Clarin’s Splendours Shimmer Body Oil (€37), which has fine gold pearls to illuminate the skin and enhance the tan.

With the addition of the shimmer oil, I’m hoping for that summer glow, without the harmful effects of the sun.

This really is a fool-proof way of getting your legs tanned and ready to wear with dresses, skirts and shorts for summer.

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  1. aoifs Says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I’ve a wedding next week and I don’t think tights will cut it this time of year!

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