Shopwatch: Folkster

July 25, 2014

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Shopwatch: Folkster

When news of Blanaid Hennessy‘s new online store was announced, the thought of having instant access to the stylist’s edits from her vintage sourcing trips to New York at the click of a button was very exciting.

Hennessy has been growing her vintage business under the Shutterbug label for a few season’s now, taking orders on their Facebook page  while appearing on TV3 Xpose, blogs and glossies.  As a result, her clothing range now has a cult following and graces the wardrobes of stylists, bloggers and the fashion forward of the land.

But the new site isn’t just limited to vintage clothing; it also features a mix of contemporary brands and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Stocking the Jeffrey Campbell brand was big coup for the store and when it came to choosing which Jeffrey Campbell styles to stock on the new site, Hennessy admits that, though it was hard to narrow it down, her customer was never far from her mind:

“I have always pictured the Folkster customer as someone who enjoys exploring her personal taste, really appreciates other people’s style and just has fun with the whole fashion thing. I tried to choose sixteen designs that I think reflect that playful and somewhat alternative approach to dressing up!”

Jeffrey Campbell

The Jeffrey Campbell styles available at Folkster

Camo jackets and denim cutoffs sold like hot cakes on Shutterbug, with pictures showing what to wear with each item. We hope to see more of Blanaid’s own styling suggestions for how to wear each piece filter through to the new site.

As for the name? “My boyfriend came up with the name Folkster – it’s like a hipster/hippy hybrid – a sort of friendly, floaty fashion lover!”

Our top pick from Folkster: Turbans. Great for covering a bad hair day yet stylish enough to make a statement. Ever since we saw Olivia Palermo wearing one, we’ve been captivated and want one in black, navy, red and leopard print. And at €10 a pop we can have them in all of the above, right?


Update: July 2014

Shutterbug is located in Kilkenny and is now open in Temple Bar, Dublin (9 Eustace Street in Dublin 2) . Stocking Folkster Edit, Shutterbug Vintage, Gild & Cage Homewares AND the start of Folkster Bridal, owner Blanaid Hennessy told us ‘The Folkster customer ranges wildly from around 15-85 who want something a bit different and to feel fantastic.  We treat every customer as though they are a personal styling client – we’re pretty
‘old-school’ in that way – it’s all about providing the very best service we can and building long term relationships with our customers rather than just some quick sale – something that we are excited to bring with us to Dublin’.


Photos: Eoin Hennessy and Ciúin Tracey
Models: Lauren Bejaoui and Georgia Cannon


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