First Look: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

October 4, 2012

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First Look: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

So after a much anticipated wait (since the collab annoucement in May), Anna Dello Russo landed at H&M South King Street today. Doors opened at 9am and from what I could see there wasn’t the massive queues of  previous years.

Anna Dello Russo’s accessories collection for H&M is blingy and gold so if that’s not your style, look away now!

The first person arrived to queue overnight at 5.15 am, getting to shop at 9am and those of us who landed at 9am got in by 9.20am.

A happy shopper at ADR H&M

In the usual drill of previous collaborations, H&M let 20 shoppers into a “pen” for 10 minutes and it was literally a case of grab what you can and go. This time around, it was much harder, as all the accessories were in boxes. Beautiful as they are (and will be, sitting on any dressing table) but one had to look at a label below the box to figure out what one was getting and fumble about with the boxes to check everything.

Earrings in boxes

My favourite items are the serpent bracelets. Bold and gold, they are ultra glitzy and have that Anna Dello Russo wow factor.

The serpent necklace is also impressive.  I was debating whether to buy it or not but once I tried it on there was no going back – it’s amazing!

The snake neckpiece cost €49.95, cuffs ranged between €30-€50 and there were bigger, bolder chain necklaces for €99.99. The fabulous array of opulant earrings are perfect for rocking this season’s larger than life jewellery trend, and I would’ve bought them if only I had pierced ears!

serpent cuffs and necklace

serpent cuffs and necklace

The turquoise and gold packaging was everywhere to be seen and nowhere more apparent than on the suitcases which I saw a few women go mad for.

Anna Dello Russo for H&M collection also includes boots, sunglasses and metallic clutches (the clutches cost €100 a pop!).


Gaia - another happy shopper at H&M South King Street Dublin

The verdict? A definite thumbs up. I feel a winter brightened up by over-the top-accessories ahead.

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    jewellery look amazing, H&M is a shop you can expect to find surprises in.

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