Beauty: Eyelash Extensions

April 17, 2012

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Beauty: Eyelash Extensions

The past month has been awash of social outings for me, which was great after a low lying few weeks since Christmas. Doing my hair and makeup is usually as far as it goes when it comes to getting ready for events, so to be treated to some Novalash eyelash extensions by Mimi’ s Beauty Room was extra special, especially as they lasted for three weeks.

I’d indulged in eyelash extensions only once before (for my wedding) and was pleased to see that the cost of the treatment has come down considerably and now costs €100 for a full set.
The treatment takes a full hour, as each eyelash is individually applied and after lying down on the treatment table, I soon found myself nodding off and waking up when the extensions were in.

I chose eyelashes in same length as my natural lashes and went for a fuller eyelash look, as opposed to applying longer lashes which in some case can look too false I think.



The finished look

Once in place, Novalash eyelash extensions come with specific aftercare instructions such as:

–    No washing your face, swimming, splashing water or using cleaners in the eye area for the first 12 -24 hours
–    Avoid cleansers containing glycol, organic solvents and products with high concentrations of alcohol as these can break down the adhesive bond and thus shorten the duration of the eyelash extensions
–    Using NovaLash water soluble mascara. I found that I didn’t need to use mascara at all as the eyelashes looked good enough without it, so didn’t bother buying this
–    Wearing swimming goggles when you shower to prolong the life of the extensions.  This was what the beautician recommended, based on feedback from others who had gone to Mimi’s and I dutifully did this every morning, despite feeling like an eejit!

You can lose one or two extensions on any given day, as they shed with your natural eyelash shedding process and I found that they stayed in for at least two weeks with the last remaining lashes lasting a third week.

Cost: Eyelash extensions: €100 for a full set, €75 for a half set. If you love the look, touch-up appointments are every 3-4 weeks after your initial appointment and cost €40.

Mimi’s Beauty Room, 6 Seafort Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4. Tel 01 207 1916.

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