Muse of the Month: Erin O’Connor

April 30, 2009

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Muse of the Month: Erin O’Connor

This month’s Muse of the month is 31 year old British model, fashion columnist, vice chair of the British Fashion Council and fellow fashion website writer (she contributes to Vogue online), Erin O’Connor.

Erin O’Connor’s look is defined by her hair, her height and her androgynous look and was scouted while still a school girl when she attended the Clothes Show live (in Birmingham, UK) back in 1995.  Karl Lagerfeld dubbed her as “one of the best models in the world” and by many others as the quintessential “imperfect beauty”.    The hazel-eyed model‘s Irish surname is from her Dad who hails from Northern Ireland.

Sometimes called a Supermodel, Erin dislikes the term, referring to the Supermodel era as another age.  She is a well spoken model onto her own self, with a genuine interest in mentoring the young, up-and-coming models on how to survive the harsh world of modelling.

Erin O’Connor’s Style

On the left Erin looks so elegant in this orange Ashley Isham dress which she wore to the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Preview Party in 2008. The ruffled skirt and bodice is broken up with a black-patent belt.  Accessories were kept to a minimum in the form of a gold Swarovski bag. Given the nature of her dress – which is a statement in itself – we admire this minimalist accessory choice.

Pictured bottom, her hairstyle is quite Cleopatra-esque, not a look many can pull off well – but she does so with such panache adding some blood orange lipstick to the mix.

Yet in the top image, she has the ability to wear an old Hollywood glamour look with deep red lipstick.

During the summer Erin enjoys festival-going like the rest of us. Here she rocks the polka dot look where she wears with a bandana, long sleeved T-shirt and jeans.  It’s nice to know that she has her dress down days too.

The Model Agent

Back in 1995 Fiona Ellis, a model agent and scout, picked Erin as she couldn’t get over the attractiveness of her strong nose, which Erin hated at the time and which has now become an alluring feature which defines her look. That and her swan like neck which is immediately visible due to her short hairstyle.

This month Erin O’Connor has graced Irish TV as part of the show The Model Agent on Monday nights on RTE 2 at 10.25pm.  Erin and the model scout Ellis are looking for a certain face that can stop traffic, sell a beauty product or define the latest designer collection launch.

The first thing that struck us seeing Erin O’Connor on TV is that she’s sooooo tall (6 foot) , towering over the 12 hopeful Irish girls who are hoping to win a prestigious modelling contract and become the first Irish model in 15 years to grace the front cover of Image magazine (a top Irish fashion magazine).

Erin’s role in the programme is to mentor the entrants, giving them first-hand advice based on her highly successful modelling career.  The team look forward to seeing Erin in action on The Model Agent over the coming weeks.

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