Muse of the Month: Erika Bearman

November 13, 2012

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Muse of the Month: Erika Bearman

If you don’t follow Erika Bearman (Oscar de la Renta’s Senior Vice President of Communications) on tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, start now! Her style is the definition of unapologetic glamour as she clashes couture skirts with casual basics.

Like a real-life Carrie Bradshaw, she’s so cool her recent hair transformation from rich chocolate brown to icy blonde was covered by and a ‘Sh*t @OscarPrGirl Says’ parody was made in her honour. The best part? She can take the p*ss out of herself and starred in it!

As well as her imaginative personal style, she throws in the odd tasty yet healthy recipe to her tumblr. Food and fashion, what more could you want?

Heading up the PR for one of the world’s most storied and prestigious fashion houses requires a certain glamour, polish, and sophistication, three qualities Bearman embodies in spades. But don’t assume the lady is stuffy—she’s possibly one of the funniest people to follow on Twitter:

Typical tweets:

‘just had a studded dress situation at airport security.’

‘either way I’m going to brush my teeth in Pellegrino’

‘i just realized the debate is on tonight so it’s probably not the best time to release our video about hotpants’

‘i need another sequin jumpsuit’

‘i could not understand why i didn’t have a latex pencil skirt in my closet this morning’

‘latex and fur. i mean what more….’


Fashion-forward, tech-savvy and quick-witted; Erika Bearman is possibly our new idol in life. Go follow now!

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