Pregnancy Style: Covering 50 Shades of Grey

March 9, 2015

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Pregnancy Style: Covering 50 Shades of Grey



Like many things associated with pregnancy there is much debate whether to dye one’s hair or not during pregnancy, which was most recently sparked when Kate Middleton was spotted out and about with God forbid, a spot of grey hair.

I ‘suffer’ from grey hairs and have done since my mid twenties. The worst thing is when my greys show at the roots between hair salon visits – something that looks so appealing in a man but alas not so on a woman, in my opinion. So every 6 weeks or so I pop along to my trusted hairdresser and get my ‘colour’ done- they know my colour shade and the solution is easy.

However, during pregnancy I’ve had to think twice about this. After reading up on the subject- there is no evidence to say that dying your hair is dangerous during pregnancy (according to – so I have continued to dye my hair during pregnancy- in total three times in nine months.  One option that recommend is to go with a hair dye with the least chemicals– such as a natural hair colorant like Henna or a less permanent dye.  In this case, I would recommend going for a ‘Colour Pop’ at Peter’s Mark’s Style Club. You can read my review of it here.

In between salon colouring- for those dreaded moments when my grey roots do show- I use Charles Worthington Root Concealer in dark brown. It comes in four shades ranging from brown to blonde to suit your hair colour.  To apply, one needs to put a towel on your shoulders, and spray pointing the nozzle at your roots (or greys that you’re aiming to cover).  I’ve found this especially effective at my hair parting. It washes out after use.

Charles Worthington Root Concealer €12.99 (75 ml) – available from Boots in shades Blonde, Dark Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown and Warm Brown.

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