Tips for Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

January 15, 2013

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Tips for Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party


After seeing a tweet of Jennifer Lopez putting the final touches to a New Year’s Eve dinner party she was hosting, it got us thinking about what exactly makes a good dinner party.

As any Come Dine With Me viewers can testify, not only do you have to ensure that all of your guests eat good food and have a good time but that they leave and with the best possible impression of you too. It’s no easy feat!

Read on for some dinner party tips, from putting on the right music to ensuring that there are plenty of comfortable dining room chairs for people to sit on.

Create a music playlist

Music plays such a major role in setting the right atmosphere for your dinner party. It might be worldly sophistication that you want to convey, or you may fancy something a bit more radical or rowdy. Regardless, it’s a good idea to carefully consider the music tastes of your guests before putting together a music playlist that begins with the entrance of your first guest and only ends when the last person has gone home.

Smile for your guests!

Another thing that has a big impact on people’s enjoyment of a dinner party is the clear sight of the host also enjoying themselves and engaging other people in conversation, while also not being overly domineering. A great dinner party host sets a great example for everyone else and is a real ‘people person’ in starting positive conversations and generally helping to maintain great vibes from start to finish.

Make the right food decisions

A dinner party is the perfect time to woo guests with that fabulously exotic recipe that you’ve been practising all year round – and don’t forget to serve the food at the proper temperature. One thing that you certainly shouldn’t do is just experiment with a new recipe on the day of the party. Don’t delay the food for any late guests, either, as this will simply breed resentment among those who have proved rather more punctual.

Choose the right furniture

The exact furniture that you have in your dining room for the dinner party will obviously partly depend on the number of guests that will be coming, but it’s equally, if not more important to have furniture that looks the part as an element of a generally pleasant and inspiring environment. The furniture in your dining room ought to be beautifully crafted, with a pleasing finish. Make sure that all of the various pieces of furniture are well-coordinated, and you’ll be attracting compliments from your guests well into the evening.

For more dinner party inspiration, look to Pinterest and Liberty London Girl’s table setting post.

Have you got any secrets to share for hosting a great dinner party?

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