Collection We Covet: Heart & Soul

March 3, 2009

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Collection We Covet: Heart & Soul

In light of all the recent red carpet glamour at The Oscars, we are very excited to be bringing you a timely edition of this month’s collection we covet., the website where Heart and Soul is sold, have just reproduced Kate Winslet’s YSL gown, which she wore to the Oscars last week for a staggering €170! If you missed the post about her dress, go back and see it now. Otherwise, take a look at the version.

Not only that, but there are currently three other party dresses available to buy via the site, identical to the ones previously worn by Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham and Rachel Stevens.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum’s short hemlines appear A LOT on Project Runway. Pictured here at the Elton John after party (at the Oscars 2008), Heidi wore a short, silver and sexy Cavalli dress. This is now available on for €70.

Victoria Beckham

Famous for her figure hugging dresses, this black bandeau dress (€60) is a ringer for her dVb design which we wrote about last week and which is sold out in London and on net-a This has to be’s biggest selling style. A perfect LBD we think.  

Rachel Stevens

Also worn by Kelly Brook, Rachel wears this famous body con dress by Hervé Lèger. Perfect for both svelte and full figures, this lookalike, stretchy number can be bought now on for €70

Finally, an Irish dress resource that we’ve been crying out for.

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