Celebrity Doppelganger 2

July 2, 2010

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Celebrity Doppelganger 2

If you’re every stuck on what to wear, just look to your Celebrity Doppelganger.

The other day we covered Short and Slim and Tall and Slim body shapes, where we related them to Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller or Rachel Bilson (short/slim) and Short and Curvy (Scarlett Johanson and Kelly Osbourne) respectively.

So here are some more body shapes and celeb style to inspire you.

Tall and Slim

Think of Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Your legs are made to wear skinny jeans and especially cigarette style trousers which you can get away with either in heels or in ballet flats.

Even shorter Capri style or cropped trousers look good on you – you’re the queen of trousers!

For outerwear, choose a trench coat which looks best on your shape above all others as it’s ideal for your proportions. Trench coats or Macs usually tend to overwhelm a smaller frame.

Because of your long torso,  Breton stipes and stripey tops are ideal as they don’t shorten you, as they can with other shapes.

With dresses, you’re most suited to bias cut dresses (cut at a slant as opposed to straight up and down which gives a hip hugging fit). Block colour dresses or florals in a tiny print  (bias cut), will suit you down to the ground.

Tall and Curvy

Look to Liv Tyler and Mandy Moore for inspiration.

If you’re tall and curvy, you “own” the blazer trend best over all the other body types.  A single breasted, fitted blazer will streamline your curves.

Just like your small and curvy colleague, pencil skirts or a slim fitting skirt with a tucked in blouse will show off your femininity to a tee and always look stylish.

Your go-to dress is the wrap dress which, like the pencil skirt, looks classy on you. Check that it fits correctly at the bust area (as should anyone who wears a wrap dress) and choose small print or block colours.  A busy, big pattern is too much for you.

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