Pregnancy Style: Car Seat

October 11, 2015

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Pregnancy Style: Car Seat


The day you and your baby come home from hospital is the day you start using your car seat. In fact, the midwives won’t let you leave hospital unless your babe is strapped into one and if you have a car, then you need to buy a baby car seat. So yes it’s another compulsory purchase, along with your baby stroller.

Logically, your car seat has to fit with your stroller/pram/buggy in what they call a ‘travel system’ hence we opted for the Phil & Ted’s Alpha lightweight car seat, because I got the Phil and Teds Vibe stroller.

It’s a rough experience getting a new born baby into a car seat for the first time, expecially if Dad arrives in to hospital to collect you and baby hungover, as last night was ‘Wetting the baby’s head’  night with the lads (aka ‘quick let’s get drunk before wifey and new baby get home from hospital for I’ll never be allowed out to drink again bash’).

Tip– have the Wetting the Baby’s head night out a couple of night’s before you collect wifey and baby from hospital, not the night before. Because, the day you leave hospital, you’ll need your other half to be bright eyed and bushy tailed arriving with the soon-to-be-filled baby car seat and arriving on time. There’s nothing worse than a new mama having spent a (most likely sleepless) night on her own with baby, not knowing what the hell she’s doing and then new Dad arrives into hospital later than he says he will. So, if she says ‘Be here at 10am’, do it.

Because the first time you try it, getting your new baby into a car seat,  you think you’re going to break them. My friend who had told me to practice putting (her 6 month old) into a car seat- said ‘here practice with my baby’ – I laughed! In hindsight I wish I’d listened to her.

You can’t get the straps over their little arms and then the clasp won’t fasten. And you can’t get them into the car until it’s fastened. Again, let’s hope husband isn’t worse for wear and can do it. And that he has practiced. Or watched the demo video.


Pictured above: Ruby, aged 4 days old in her Phil & Teds Alpha car seat, the day we came home from hospital.  She’s wearing a onesie and hat from Next and a hoodie with ears from Penneys/Primark).

Going home from hospital is daunting. Or at least it was for me. There’s no-one to help you. The midwives wave you off, if even. They’re already making the bed for the next new Mum.

It’s scary the first time with baby in the car.  There’s no handbook.  I sat in the back seat with Ruby on the short drive home. Then how do you get the car seat out of this Isofix thingy? Where’s the eject button?

Tip:  Practice putting the seat in the car and taking it out of the car. Silly as it sounds, practice strapping a doll or teddy into the seat. Or watch the car seat demo video.

Take a leaf from Prince William’s book getting new baby Charlotte into her baby seat into his Landrover outside the hospital in front of all those journalists. There was no faffing around. He got it in one (to be fair he is used to a baby seat as this is baby number 2) and the happy family drove off.


Alpha Car seat €99 (it works with the Phil and Teds Vibe or Verve Strollers). We use this in the car with an Isofix base for alpha car seat (€99) which secures the car seat firmly to the base of the car. You can see if your car is compatible with Isofix here. If not, there is a universal base on Phil & Teds that you can use with the Alpha car seat.

buggy and car seat

Now that Ruby is six months old we use the car seat atop the stroller as a baby travel system, and she loves to be high up and looking about.

Read about the baby buggy I use here.

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  1. Madelyn Says:

    All I know is that the car hire companies charge a fortune for car seats. I mean come on travelling with kids is enough stress as it is, they should give it to us parents for free.

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