Beauty: Free Giorgio Armani

July 1, 2010

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Beauty: Free Giorgio Armani

I spotted this in this week’s Grazia and thought I’d alert you to it if you haven’t seen it yourself yet.

Sometimes these offers are UK only so I yelped at this when I saw that it applies to Ireland too (in BT’s Dublin and Cork) and have made my appointment already!

Giorgio Armani counters are giving free 15 minute make up sessions to customers and mini make up trios of foundations and blusher which include:

Lightweight Luminous Silk foundation (I use this in shade 4 and it’s amazing)

Face Fabric (described as “a second skin make up to layer over foundation or use on its own for a nude result)

A blusher – choose from Blushing Fabric or Fluid Sheer, “all selected for you to match your skin tone”.

I’ve yet to try a Giorgio Armani blusher and Face Fabric, so am eager to see which one I’ll get and how they look. Granted they are all 5ml samples, it’s still a great offer as you’ll find out the correct shade for your skin and I find that these samples are great for your handbag for a couple of weeks use, without having to buy the whole product. Before I buy something as expensive as a Giorgio Armani foundation, I usually trial it first by asking for a tiny pot of it, which I think is the 5ml size they advertised in Grazia.

How it works:

Buy Grazia (5th July edition). This week it’s €1.50

Go to page 117. Cut out the coupon.

Ring the number for Brown Thomas on it to book your appointment. You can avail of this one in Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork. Brown Thomas Dublin telephone 01 617 1140, Brown Thomas Cork telephone 021 490 5780

Get free stuff and advice, “worth £30″. Valid until 13th July.

P.S This isn’t an ad. Just my opinion!  Photo of page 117 taken with my iphone.

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5 Responses to “Beauty: Free Giorgio Armani”

  1. mis jo-jo Says:

    Have used their new FLUID blusher.. its very creamy and silky . doenst leave a huge blush stain.. rather blends into the overall look, so if you are looking for a more ‘defined’ blush look, would suggest a powder blush .. or something stronger . It feels fab though..

  2. Annemarie Says:

    Thanks for that tip! I’m gonna try the two types of blusher and see which I prefer, dont like much blush in general myself as am pink enough!

  3. Mella Says:

    I was pleased to see this when flicking through Grazia yesterday. Finally, those of us on this side of the water can avail of one of those many fab magazine offers

  4. Annemarie Says:

    Yes Mella, about time I say!

  5. Nora Says:

    love their products, a blusher I purchased gets the thumbs up all the time. Ready for something new though so might give it a try.

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