Beauty: Au Naturel

June 18, 2009

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Beauty: Au Naturel

Did you ever think you’d see a Pale and Interesting Posh? Not long ago Victoria was the queen of St Tropez fake tan so we were shocked to see her step out without any fake tan on recently.

So what’s made Posh shun her bronze signature look? According to St Tropez, it’s now all about looking healthy, not sun baked. So clients are now asking for a subtle result – the key is to look like you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, not a spray tan!

And it’s not only skin that’s gone all au natural. It’s hair too.

Hardly a case of the recession setting in and ones hair colour spend getting ditched along with the daily skinny cappuccino purchase? Not so for celebs and the fashion pack who are literally going back to their roots and their natural hair colour. Hairdressers are dubbing the trend the “no-colour colour”.

Take Nicole Kidman for example (seen here Nicole filming her new movie Rabbit Hole in New York).

How long has it been since we’ve seen her original red locks (if at all)?  We remember seeing pictures of her when she first started acting, and that wasn’t yesterday! Kidman has ditched her ice maiden blonde shade for her natural red hair.

Another victim is Kate Hudson who is barely recognizable as a brunette from her blonde Californian beach babe look. Picture here showcasing her newly coloured locks she cheers on her current beau Alex Rodriquez at a Yankees v Rangers baseball game.

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3 Responses to “Beauty: Au Naturel”

  1. aoifs Says:

    Delighted the orange look is no longer in. Still need to fake the healthy glow though! I do think that Kate Hudson looks better blonde – well jury still out on that one…

  2. aks Says:

    Orange look is definitelly a no no, but a healthy glow is much nicer than a pale look:) Kate Hudson looks much better blonde!!!

  3. Ems Says:

    Great to see its all going au natural…thank god! I didn’t recognize Kate hudson so I agree she is definitely better a blond! I thought it was Charotte Church, I had to relook and relook!! Bring on the natural look the way forward………….

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