Beauty: April Must-Haves

April 16, 2012

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Beauty: April Must-Haves

The latest “natural” false tan, a multivitamin must try of the skincare world and a trio of lip balms to answer all our climate change complaints; read on for all the details in this  month’s beauty round up.

St Tropez Naturals Milk €32.00/£26.00

Available now from most pharmacies and department stores

Despite a few promising sunny days of late, we’re under no illusion that we’re in for a tropical summer and as such it’s time to crack out the fake tan. Despite its funky odour, we all know it’s far safer than sun bathing and will stop you looking like a well-used Mulberry satchel a few years down the line. The only downfall to false tanners is the ingredient DHA (the chemical that causes the colouration). While it’s not the worst out there (see: sodium laureth sulfate and polyethylene glycol) DHA is known to irritate sensitive skin (an Irish birthright for most of us) and makes the skin especially susceptible to free-radical damage from sunlight during the initial day or so after application. This means slathering on the self-tan and then hitting the beach isn’t great for your skin without a seriously strong SPF.

Luckily, fake tan connoisseurs St. Tropez have stepped in with a new ‘natural’ false tan. St Tropez Naturals is made with sensitive skin types in mind and is formulated with Vegetan, a 100% natural eco-cert approved self-tanning ingredient, instead of DHA. I tried the tanning milk which is really easy to use and because the colour is so light, you can’t really get it wrong; use it for a few days to build-up the colour. They’ve also added a lotion and a face tanner to the range.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ €32.95/£27.50 (30ml)

Available May 1st from Arnotts, selected pharmacies and health stores nationwide

While we’re on the topic of natural products and anti-oxidants, ten years after introducing the world to the wonders of Rosehip oil, Trilogy have launched a new and improved version of their cult face serum: Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+.  The original Rosehip miracle oil has become a staple on the beauty pages of glossy magazines (including our own Tatler and Image) and Dannii Minogue was raving about its stretch-mark preventing properties when she was pregnant with her son Ethan last year.

The oil has now been given a facelift of its own with the innovative new addition of red berry super antioxidants. Potent super antioxidants Lycopene from Tomatoes and Phytosterol from Acai berries were added to help protect from premature ageing caused by environmental free radical damage. While nourishing Essential Fatty Acids (omegas 3 and 6) from Cranberries and oil extracted from Rosehip seeds moisturise and renew the skin’s cell. Finally, a mineral and vitamin rich Oat extract provides repairing vitamin A and E and creates a soothing and luxurious feel that glides on the skin. The 100% organic oil boosts the skins moisture levels by 44%, yet it manages to retain a non-greasy formula.

I chose to add a couple of drops to my moisturiser rather than applying it alone to speed up the preening process and found it absorbs nice and quickly so you don’t have to wait long to put your make up on. I also found that if I used it as a night treatment my skin looked like I’d got my full 8 hours in the morning even if I’d only managed 6.

A lot of people ask why we need a serum on top of moisturiser and eye cream and the short answer is they are the multivitamin pills of the skincare world; a super-boosting supplement for any skin complaint.

Soap & Glory ‘A Great Kisser’ Lip Balm €7.00/£5.00 Each

Available now at most Boots Stores

There’s no point in having perfect skin with a glowing tan if the change in weather has left your lips chapped and unsightly. With a soothing mix of Mango Butter to moisturize, Apricot Butter for weather protection, Lingonberry Oil to boost barrier repair (and prevent water loss) and Pomegranate Extract to renew a ‘dewy’ appearance, the Soap & Glory ‘A Great Kisser’ lip balms have answered all our climate change complaints.

Presented in their signature kitschy packaging, these little lip gems come in three flavours (two tinted, one transparent). Chocolate Cherry is a sheer lollipop pink, Juicy Peach adds a pastel pop of coral and Sweet Coconut is sheer and shimmery. They have a non-waxy, non- slippery, non-greasy and non-sticky formula, meaning the only problem is trying not to lick the yummy flavours straight off!

Gillian Brett

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    Loving the sound of the St Tropez natural milk. I’ll be trying this out – most normal tanning products can look very orange on my “Irish” skin. Thanks.

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