On Our Radar: Beau Coops

May 23, 2011

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On Our Radar: Beau Coops

We’ve discovered the fashion insider’s top-secret shoe that we’ve simply had to share with you.

Beau Coops is an Australian Brand, which, contrary to what you might’ve believed the brand was named after the French word for “a lot”, gets its name from the word “Beau” – meaning handsome man, and “Coops” from the surname of the founder of the brand, Carrie Cooper.

Beau Coops first hit the fashion scene in the Northern hemisphere last year when every fashion editor and shoe collector honed in on their signature peep toe wedge boots. And we can see why, considering that Cooper previously designed shoes for Alexander McQueen and Eley Kishimoto.

The collection is a wedge lover’s dream and made in Italy from the finest Italian leather. Their Perspex wedges are a fashion statement in themselves, but we can vouch for the black courts which are a conversational piece in themselves and are super comfy for high heels with a twist of luxurious texture.  (WSW’s Ann-Marie Proudfoot has a pair).


Availability: Beau Coops black court shoes €235 at BT2

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2 Responses to “On Our Radar: Beau Coops”

  1. AnnMarie Proudfoot Says:

    Wore them out for the first time on Saturday night and I can report they are comfortable! The balance of platform and heel height is right and the leather interior is nice and soft. Love them!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    They sound and look amazing. Hard to get heels that don’t hurt these days!

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