Hair Trend We Like: Beach Hair

May 21, 2009

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Hair Trend We Like: Beach Hair

It’s funny how the Recession is teaching us all to go back to basics. Ditch the polished, expensive hair straighteners and go for a more natural look they say – did someone forget to mention that it’s too late, that most of the female population already own a GHD? You will see below how your straightening irons still come in handy for achieving this look…

Don’t you all crave effortlessly sexy hair,  something that doesn’t look like we’ve had to try too hard to re-create it?  Luckily for those of you with longer locks, sexy beach hair is always a great option for summer, especially for a beach wedding.

Textured, yet glossy and voluminous, it’s the sort of laidback, tousled look that Kate Beckinsale (pictured) is often papped with. Sometimes called Polished Festival Hair – think of the style as “almost-waves and a messy vibe”.

We find that our hair never gets the sexy beach hair look, even after a day of sand and sea which is why we seek sexy beach hair from a bottle. There are texturizing products which you can add which get you half way there, for example Boots MOP C-System Texture Spray (€11).

The salt, mixed with product, will give you a mussed-up, beach head look. Also the Glycerine ingredient in it acts as a natural humectant, so the overall effect is effortless beach hair with body.

To mix the style up a bit, you can also introduce a plait or two to your unfussed hair. Find out how to create a boho plait here.

How to get the beach hair look

1.  Get a little bit of volume at the roots – otherwise it will just look odd. Hence, blow dry just the roots.  If you have thin hair, do this with your head upside down when you hair is at its wettest.

2. Don’t use a brush, just finger comb as you blow dry.  Alternatively use a wide toothed comb, to get that ‘undone’ texture.

3. When your hair is three quarters the way dry, spray with a texture spray, such the MOP product mentioned earlier.

4. For curly hair, blow dry the hair straight first. Once the hair is almost dry, mix the texture spray with a little more water, and spritz hair lightly.

5. If your hair is naturally wavy, leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally and twist a few sections around your fingers.

6. If your hair is very thick or straight then plait it all over and leave to dry. You can also run your straightening irons up the plaits to give them extra texture (see? that GHD is still useful!). Let the plaits cool and then un-plait them. Run your fingers through your hair as if you’re combing it.

And voila, you’ve got sexy beach hair!

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