What She Wears: Baby’s First Shoes

November 5, 2016

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What She Wears: Baby’s First Shoes

Ruby has refused to wear shoes and even at a year and a half she was still going around in socks only and barefeet in the summer. You would be surprised at the amount of people who comment on it when I’d go for a walk with her in the pram! Her Dad was very proud of the fact that she went bare feet everywhere as the kids in New Zealand all go barefoot a lot (they all leave their shoes at the school door still) and he has fond memories of this from his childhood.


I didn’t want to spend a fortune on shoes to discover that she then wouldn’t wear them so I ventured into Penneys (Primark) kids and found not one but three pairs that suited. I also picked up two faux fur gilets which she is wearing above and below.


Paw Patrol boots were a big hit! From Primark/Penneys


However as we are going into Winter and Ruby’s childminder begged me to get her shoes to be able to play in the garden with the other kids so a combination of all of this ensured that shoes had to be bought!




These runners are sparkly silver and light up when she walks! Runners Primark. Bomber jacket: Tommy Hilfiger


She now wears them, much to our surprise, and picks a pair out every morning and carrys them around the house saying her new favourite word, “shoes”!


Thesee navy uggs (Primark) are my favourite! Uggs, jeans and gilet all Primark. Hat and jumper knitted by Ruby’s kiwi Nana


No doubt next steps will be to be fitted for shoes and to invest in leather ones but for the moment, these will do!


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