Pregnancy Style: Choosing a Baby Buggy or Pram

October 12, 2015

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Pregnancy Style: Choosing a Baby Buggy or Pram


Pictured above: that’s me with Ruby in her Phil & Teds Vibe baby buggy at Easter, when she was 2 weeks old.

Baby buggy , pram or baby stroller

I don’t know about you but one of the biggest purchases on your mind during pregnancy is what baby buggy or baby stroller to buy.

If you’re anything like Mr. M and I, once you tune into the subject, everywhere you go you start ‘buggy perving’-checking out everyone elses buggys- which model do they have, what colour, do they have any under-buggy storage, what are the wheels like, will it fit through our door?

It’s one of the biggest and dearest baby buys and the one accessory you are going to use for many years to come, so it’s worth researching which one will suit your needs best.

phil and teds vibe

phil and teds vibe

Phil& Teds Vibe

We went for a Phil& Teds Vibe buggy for many reasons:

It’s a three wheel in-line stroller- we thought the 3 wheel looked nicer than 4.

Lots of storage underneath the buggy- great for throwing in a nappy bag and even a food shop, sure heck I even throw in my own handbag! It probably has the largest storage of any buggy I’ve seen during all of my buggy perving.

It’s perfect for city Mums looking for a stylish buggy. We thought it would suit our city lifestyle- the 3 wheels with a wheel at the front mean it’s easy to turn and use in confined spaces, getting into lifts, onto the bus, in and out of shops, through coffee shop doors etc

It is lightweight to push – so much so that once over the first few months, I am now jogging with the buggy. Even though this is not an official running buggy (although Phil and Teds do sell a running stroller, which I haven’t tried).

You can add an accessory to make this into a double buggy for two children. If you have another child, you can buy an ‘add-on’ that converts the buggy into a two child stroller, something Phil & Teds are famous for ( I have only used it as a one buggy stroller).

Colour – The Vibe stroller comes in Red, black or blue- I chose black as I figured it would ‘go’ with everything and my husband thought it was more of a ‘gender neutral’ colour-i.e he wouldn’t think it too ‘girly’ to push! The same kind of thinking went into buying the nappy bag/baby bag- it’s black all the way in our house.

It’s the buggy that Jimmy Choo has given the nod of approval to : The four wheel version of the stroller, the Phil & Ted’s ‘Verve’ Buggy has won a Red Dot award (which is like the Oscars of product design- previous winners include the Apple iPhone, Bose headphones and the Dyson vacuum cleaner).

Easy to fold up– once you figure out how it folds up to put into your car boot, it’s easy. I did have to watch a video demo Vibe stroller on the Phil & Teds website and then get shown how to do this by Mr.M – after doing it a few times you are flying but the first times with a tiny baby figuring it out and putting it into the car is daunting, as you don’t know what folds where, I won’t lie.

Availability: Online on

Vibe Stroller, Phil and Teds €649 . You can read the technical spec here.

New born carrycot

The bassinet or carrycot is an additional accessory for the pram that, was the most useful piece of baby equipment we’ve used thus far.

It sits on the buggy (as does the car seat) to be used as a pram or can be used as a cot. As we didn’t have enough room in our tiny apartment for a buggy and a Moses Basket which we didn’t bother with buying a Moses Basket because we had ths Phil and Teds bassinet.

carry cot

We have used this every day for the first 6 months either as a standalone carry cot for daytime naps (as shown in the photo above) or attached to the buggy to go for walks. Ruby grew out of it at 6 months of age but it’s the piece of the stroller that we used most during this time, when baby can’t yet sit up.


Bassinet /Carry Cot, Phil and Teds €179 (comes in red or black and goes with the Vibe or Verve). Again we went for black.

Carry cot stand, Phil and Teds, €49. Great for storage for baby’s things and the cots sits on top of this when it’s not on the pram.

Sheets for the carry cot mattress, Phil and Teds €25 for set of 3.  Tip: if you don’t want to buy the mattress sheets you can use a clean pillow case.

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