Ask the Stylist: Men’s Jeans

March 16, 2012

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Ask the Stylist: Men’s Jeans

Jeans are a staple part of a man’s wardrobe, and for both guys and girls they can tend to be a flippant purchase. Usually because we have been buying jeans for so long we think we have it nailed.

But styles change, body shapes alter and a re-vamp at your old favourites may be in order.  With this in mind here are few hints and tips on choosing the right pair to look good in this season.

I know for some the whole process from first sight to stuffing the receipt in the bag can take about 10 minutes! Although it may take a little longer at first to figure out what suits you, when you find the best pair for your shape  you can then go back to the 10 minute purchases. So let’s get down to brass tacks.

Firstly, you need to keep three things in mind – The Fit (how the jeans sit on the body) The Cut (the shape of the jeans) and The Wash (the colour and finish).  Having the focus on these three elements, combined with the knowledge of you body type, the result should be a pretty flawless one.

Tall and Lean

If you are tall and slender physique you have a few style options to choose from. The straight cut will show off your physique to its best. The bootleg shape is also good particularly if you are wider on the hips as it will balance out your shape.

You can also opt for the wide leg jeans but really only for casual wear, as your physique won’t fill them out completely. As a result, the overall look of baggy jeans works best with tees and runners.

Slim and Slender

If you want to achieve the ‘Iggy Pop look’ then your slim physique is good for this style.  If however you would prefer a more regular fit, a slightly flared cut will give good balance to your slender frame. If you would like the illusion of a bit more meat on the rear, choose styles with bulky pockets.
I would advice against very wide leg style as a slender frame can tend to look a bit lost in these.

Sporty Athletic

A loose fit jean works best for the sporty athletic body as it gives shape to your muscular shape without over emphasising it. Tighter styles tend to make you appear over-bulky.  If you would like to show your rear off a bit more, back pockets that are small and far apart work well as it gives a defined shape.

Heavy Build

Wide leg styles also work really well for your physique. If there‘s a little more of you to love, then this style will help conceal love handles and a wide waist.  Ensure the fit is not too baggy as this will make you appear larger than you are. Large back pockets that are close together will give the illusion of a smaller rear.

So go on get out there and shop for a great pair of jeans this season and if you find the crème de la crème of jeans, buy two pairs! With a pair in dark and medium wash you’ll be covered for lots of looks.

– Ann-Marie Proudfoot is a stylist at

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