Style Staring: Anouska

August 22, 2011

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Style Staring: Anouska

We love checking out others personal style and getting the lowdown on all the outfit details which is why we love style staring at Anouska.

Anouska Proetta Brandon is a model —honoured Ireland’s Most Influential 2011 in fact—photographer and make-up artist who’s unique style and enviable ability to put an outfit together has made her  the star of this month’s ‘Style Staring’ feature where she lets us in on the inspiration behind her looks and where she shops to find pieces that are one of a kind but still affordable.

Anouska has also just added designer to her sparkling CV with the launch her own clothing line. Available to buy on the collection so far is a small but adorable edit of two chiffon dresses and a lace cardigan, with much to come, we hope.

Anouska’s handpicked five of her favourite outfits for us and one includes the cute cardi. Check the rest out below and continue reading for Anouska’s style icon’s, shopping tips and biggest fashion faux pas.

Outfit credits – main image, pictured left to right

Outfit 1

Disco pants – American Apparel,
Loose white tank top – Topman

Outfit 2

Jeans – Hollister

Bag – Penneys/Primark

Outfit 3

Backless dress – American Apparel
Bag – Pennys/Primark
Shoes – Camden Market

Outfit 4

Jumper – American Apparel
Shorts –
Shoes –

Outfit 5

Cardigan – my collection
Top –
Shorts –
Shoes – Korkys
Bag – Romwe

How would you describe your personal style?

I really like rockerish clothes but I also love really pretty girly things! I guess I would be somewhere in the middle!

What are your favorite current trends, why do you like them and how are you wearing them?

I like a lot of things at once often enough and don’t particularly follow trends, but at the moment I’m really loving the whole 70s print vibe. I need to invest in some new winter clothes with a bit of colour in them! I usually always go for boring browns/blacks in the winter – so this winter I will be trying out new textures & prints.

Who are some of your style icons?

I do love Mary Kate Oslen’s style, if I had the money I would want to have her whole wardrobe! I also love Russian model Natasha Poly’s own personal style.

Is there anything else that inspires your style?

The type of music that I listen to at the time often affects how I dress; I went through a phase of listening to a lot of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and just want to wear all black and leather for a good few weeks!

Name one go-to piece in your wardrobe and tell us why you love it?

My best purchase that is a big ‘go-to’ piece in my wardrobe would be my American Apparel black disco pants (see outfit 1). I just really love them and I find they can really jazz up a plain outfit. I love them so much I am on my second pair.

Where are your favorite places to shop in Ireland?

I do love high street shopping but it often burns a whole in my pocket. I try to find little charity shops to get amazing one off pieces for an insanely low price! It doesn’t have to be vintage or anything, I’m not a big vintage head, I just like bargains

Are there any ‘hidden gems’ that you like to shop in in Ireland?

One little hidden gem I’ve found would be Shutterbug  & Golly Gosh boutique  . They are both vintage shops, but at very affordable prices

What are your favorite fashion websites/blogs?

Well The Sartorialist goes without question.  It really got me into blogging, I love how he updates so often! I met him once too and he was such a gentleman, so naturally I liked his blog even more from then on. Irish bloggers I love would be Stephen Moloney, he is Irelands answer to Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) but he does it his own way.  I love how he writes – he really sucks you in!

Fashion bloggers seem to have an endless supply of clothes, what’s your best tip for budget shopping to expand your wardrobe?

Again – Charity shops! Or TX Maxx, you just need to have the patience and an open mind as to what you might find.

Personally, I prefer to shop alone because I find other people get fed up when you’re rooting through racks of clothes not really knowing what you’re looking for!

Do you have any fashion pet hates?

Crocs. Jesus Christ, Crocs…

 – Gillian Brett

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