Amy Huberman’s Royal Wedding Outfit

April 27, 2011

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Amy Huberman’s Royal Wedding Outfit

We’re even more excited about the Royal Wedding now that Amy Huberman is attending. We’ll be tweeting the Royal Wedding Watch on Friday morning on 

Amy Huberman’s dress for the Royal Wedding

So what will she wear? An Irish designer for definite.

Amy has worn Joanne Hynes before and Matt Doody at the IFTA’s. While Joanne is an edgier choice,  Amy will err on the conservative side of caution and go for Louise Kennedy. Amy’s dress is a pink bubblegum with lace, a boat-neck, A-line skirt and lace scallop finish from the Louise Kennedy  autumn/winter 2011 number collection.  Huberman will team it with a cream wrap, also from Louise Kennedy.

The actress will wear a  hat  by Irish milliner Sarah McGahon from Bray, Co. Wicklow. It’s a  black lace beret with two oversized black poppies and some crystal details.

What about the rest of her outfit?

Italian designer Nando Muzzi from Cocobelle have been Amy’s choice for her own wedding and she wore the brand again on stage at the IFTAs.

For the Royal Wedding, she’ll wear black patent shoes from Irish shoe designer Nina Divito.

We’d hate to see Amy hobbling into the church crippled with new shoes, but from our interview with Nina Divito earlier this year, her creations are handmade from the finest Italian leather so Amy will be safely placed to walk from her car to the church  for the early 9am start on Friday morning, when Royal Wedding attendees are required to be already seated for the 11am ceremony!

Amy Huberman’s Hair and Makeup

Arriving in London, Amy will need someone closeby to do her hair. And better still if they are Irish and fabulous.

June Kelly from Makeupjunkies will be Amy’s choice for both hair and makeup. Remember June was over from London to do WhatSheWears fab makeup last month for the Most Influential in Irish Fashion Awards?

This makeup magician, originally from Meath and living in London for the past few years, where she has successfully established her own makeup agency, has been recently named by Vogue UK as one to watch. She frequently does makeup for the BBC, Brit Awards and London Fashion Week.

Where will she stay?

Where should Amy stay when in London town? She’ll be back home on Saturday for the Leinster match, but, when in London town will stay at the Doyle Collection owned Marylebone Hotel, which was revamped in style by Irish architect Denis Looby.

To get a feel for it, check out our review and video from when we stayed there for London Fashion Week in February. Divine.

Steal Amy Huberman’s royal wedding style

Louise Kennedy
56 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Brown Thomas Dublin & Kildare Village

Website: Louise Kennedy

June Kelly
MakeUp Junkies
London, UK

Website: Makeup-Junkies

The Marylebone Hotel
47 Welbeck Street
London W1G 8DN

Website: The Marylebone Hotel

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12 Responses to “Amy Huberman’s Royal Wedding Outfit”

  1. Shiny Says:

    It’s still so hilarious that she’s going without him. I mean who wouldn’t go. It’s still funny.

  2. Naomi Says:

    Not sure I would go if I had not previously met bride or groom. After all invitation is really based in Brian meeting William a few times.

  3. mis jo-jo Says:

    I think its fab that Amy is going on her own.. and fact is she can wear anything she wants and has chosen Irish designers.

    So fair play to her. Really who in their right mind would pass up a opportunity like that if they had one.

  4. Annemarie Says:

    If I were in her (newly clad Nina Divito) shoes, I would not miss this fashion moment for the world. Good on her though it must be strange if she’s never met them before! They hardly do that thing, like at Irish weddings, when the bride and groom greet everyone at the door post ceremony? Can you imagine – greeting 1,500 people!

  5. Lorna Says:

    More power to her for going on her own. She’s a great ambassador for Ireland and I hope she has a fabulous time!

  6. tim Says:

    what shite. cant believe that she would attend when she is only the “plus guest” in effect. Brian invited cos he met William a couple of times through rugby, Brian busy with Hinekin Cup so cant attend, but she goes anyway. total lack of class on her part. publicity stunt me thinks.

  7. Dublin Says:

    Think he should have went with her, its only one match.

  8. Nora Says:

    I think its super she is going, what a invite a day in history for all of us to remember, great to see a touch of irish there.

  9. Joanne Says:

    I dont think she should of gone alone or with him.Why would any Irish person go to a british event like that???? Yes it is a publicity stunt by her! SHAME ON HER!!!!!!!!

  10. Chris Says:

    I don’t have a problem with her going but I really don’t like her dress. I think its boring and she should have worn something a little more feminine, floaty and summery. i would love to see a better photo though, maybe I’m being harsh.

  11. Nora Says:

    Kate Middleton reportedly did her own makeup on the day, and Amy Huberman employs a makeup artist? I find it difficult to get my head around that. Why would she need to employ a makeup artist, when she was attending as a GUEST, and, because she is not very well known in the UK, one of the lesser photographed guests at that? Very unnecessary.

  12. Ross Says:

    Great selection. Very impressed by this selection. Well done

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