Accessory Report: Accessorize

May 3, 2010

Daily Digest

Accessory Report: Accessorize

By Linda Gallagher

This article was inspired by a shopping trip to my favourite high street store ‘Accessorize’. It was while browsing around the shop’s jewellery section that I noticed a number of pieces that looked vaguely familiar and on closer inspection, they reminded me of jewellery worn by certain celebrities.

So there began my quest to find celebrity inspired jewels on a budget and as you read on, you’ll see that it is possible to have star style for under €50.

Accessories Under €10

Carrie Bradshaw Horseshoe Pendant

With the imminent release of the new “Sex and the City” movie,  we take a look back at Carrie Bradshaw’s style from the television series. Carrie was a big fan of quirky little pendants and it was she who popularised the Name Necklace and the diamond encrusted horseshoe pendant.

Monsoon has a pearlised version of her horseshoe necklace and at €6 it is the perfect bridesmaid’s gift for brides on a budget.

Mariah Carey’s Butterfly Ring

Ever since she recorded the album ‘Butterfly’ in the late 1990s Mariah Carey has been fascinated with butterflies and has made them her trademark. Her specially commissioned white gold and diamond butterfly shaped ring from jewellers VanCleef and Arpels cost the singer a whopping $31,000 (€23,300), whereas this recessionista copy retails at only €5, saving you €23,295!!

Accessories under €20

Jennifer Aniston Gold Bangles

Jennifer Aniston is an all American Girl with a classic style which extends to her taste in jewellery. She wears simple gold bangles to casual or red carpet affairs. For €11.50 you can replicate her look with the set of eight gold bangles with ethnic style charm detailing.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Earrings

Chandelier earrings are a key fashion story for Spring/Summer 2010 and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was ahead of the posse last September when she wore a pair of H. Stern Brilliant Diamond Chandelier Earrings to the Emmy Awards.

I found identical ones in Accessorize for €14.

Emily Blunt Alice Band: Once the preserve of schoolgirls and the Sloane Ranger Set, the Hair band or Alice Band has enjoyed a major transformation in recent years. Last spring actress Emily Blunt had fashion editors salivating when she turned up at the‘Wolfman’premiere in a dark green peacock feather headpiece.

Accessorize pay tribute to this trend with their peacock feather version for €14. They also have a multi coloured one in stock that would be ideal for a wedding or a day at the races.

Accessories under €50

Cheryl Cole Charm Bracelet

With the ‘Sunday Times’ estimating her personal fortune at £10 million, Cheryl Cole can easily afford some serious bling but you don’t need to be on the rich list to buy this Silver Charm Watch Bracelet from Monsoon’s sister store.

With its dainty crystal charms and pear shape, Accessorize have a watch (€46) similar to Cheryl Cole’s ‘Bibi’original.

Accessorize have stores located nationwide and these pieces are also available to buy online at

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4 Responses to “Accessory Report: Accessorize”

  1. Aisling Says:

    On topic of jewellery, there are some gorgeous bauble necklaces and bracelets in M+S(!) now. Was leavin after buying hubby shirts but had to do a u-turn and face a big q to get!

  2. Annemarie Says:

    oooh, sounds fab Aisling. are they in silver or gold? Must check them out. Looks like everyone’s happy in your household then!

  3. Aisling Says:

    Hi Annmarie, they’re actually more boho, chunky beads on ribbon but so colourful and pretty. But they also had lots of gold chandeliers too. And cool sunnies. Defo more there than just shirts and undies!

  4. Annemarie Says:

    Thanks for sharing that Aisling. Chunky beads are funky too for some outfits, will have a goo

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