A Royal Engagement

November 19, 2010

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A Royal Engagement

If you are sick and tired of the royal wedding hoohah, then don’t read this.

There was major excitement in the whatshewears office this week when we heard the breaking news that Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged! And so the Royal Wedding Watch begins.

Royal Weddings

Not since Prince Felipe of Spain married Leticia,  have we been so excited.  At the time WSW was living in Madrid and marvelled at the pompous strictness of the wedding dress code;  at a royal wedding in Spain, if it’s a day wedding (before 2pm), the dress code for the ladies is a knee length hem and if it’s an evening wedding, then it’s full length.

Then there was the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden who married earlier this year and opted for the full Royal Wedding bells and whistles. This means that guests are Royalty and dignataries only and they each have to go in full Royal attire which includes tiaras, full length gowns and wearing their country’s royal sash.

The Ring

Prince William gave Kate an 18-carat white gold engagement ring worn by his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales. The ring, valued at £28,500 at the time, features a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire and diamonds, was designed by British jewellers Garrard and was selected by Lady Diana Spencer from a selection presented to her by the then Crown jewellers for her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981. Prince William is said to have chosen the ring as a way to include his mother in the excitement of his proposal.

To emulate Kate’s ring, head to Boodles on Grafton Street, Dublin for a sapphire and diamond ring (pictured top, €20,350). The sapphire weighs 4.60 carats and comes with free champagne; it’s worth a visit to the store to check out their cool champagne bar alone!

Kate Middleton’s Style

The speculation now begins as to what Kate will wear on her wedding day, which is planned for next spring or summer in London but in the meantime let’s look at her style choices.

At her engagement announcement, Kate wore a midnight blue Issa dress in silk-crepe – very fitting then that the colour matched her ring.  Issa is a Brazilian label which you’ll find on Netaporter and whose signature silk dresses  Kate Middleton’s been wearing for some years now.

To get Kate’s dress without the designer price tag, check out Ingenue , whose ‘Pepita‘ dress ( 99.99 Euro) is a carbon copy of Middleton’s Issa dress.

Besides the various weddings she’s attended where she’s adhered to a conservative dress code, Kate is a fan of Mulberry handbags and Topshop – she even wore a Topshop dress to her 25th birthday celebrations.

Despite Kate’s “heritage conservative” style, a look which is often too old for her age, she’s also been known to dress down at Polo matches in skinny jeans, ballet bumps and a leather jacket. It’s good to see that on weekends she’s just like the rest of us then!

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6 Responses to “A Royal Engagement”

  1. mis jo-jo Says:

    its very exciting alright – the coverage will be a huge .. Kate is a classic beauty and I love the tradition in passing on Diana’s ring. Am sure there will be a wave of sapphire engagemnt rings of the next year or two and general ‘kate’ style.

  2. christine Says:

    Love the ring! and the article is very well written! Really enjoyed !! Refreshing delight!

  3. Camilla Says:

    I know people are making loads of comparisons with Kate and Diana and also stating that her having the ring is creepy but I cannot help but feel that the ring really suits her. Her Dress was a fab pick and they look genuinely happy. I think it’s lovely to see amongst the doom and gloom in the world today and i hope they get a lifetime of happiness.

  4. Ellen Cass Says:

    A beautiful ring for a beautiful girl. Prince William could’nt have chosen a more suitable bride. Wish them both every hapiness.

  5. Somadi Says:

    Giving Kate the 18-carat white gold engagement ring worn by Diana, is a great gesture. I wonder how much that’s worth

  6. Sally Marsh Says:

    Absolutely stunning diamond ring for a beautiful bride

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