5 Minutes With: Jackie Tyson

November 9, 2011

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5 Minutes With: Jackie Tyson

We managed to nab celebrity make-up artist Jackie Tyson for a chat about ‘magic wand’ make up tips, the party’s season’s top trends and Avon’s exciting new product launches.

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry—during which she’s worked on famous faces such as Sienna Miller, Katy Perry and Yoko Ono—we know we’re learning from a true beauty aficionado.

What was it that drew you into the world of make-up artistry?

I always loved make up, I was actually a punk rocker as kid so I would spend hours doing Siouxsie Sioux eye make up with whatever make up I could get my hands on with a student budget! I was good at art in school and loved drawing so when I got to college it was a choice between going to art school or going to London to study beauty.

I chose beauty and just worked up as many contacts as I could. I pestered any photographers I knew to let me do test shoots with them to build up a portfolio. It was all a bit slow and hopeless to begin with but then through word of mouth I was asked to work with some great photographers who also worked with some great music artists which was perfect because music is my second passion.

What was your big break?

My big break was working with a photographer called Andy Earl who in the eighties did album covers for bands like Duran Duran. I just met him randomly as I had a friend who had a recording studio right next to his photographic studio. I would always hang around to see who was going in to be photographed and one day I just got chatting to him.

He’s a really lovely chap, I told him I was a make up artist and as it happened he needed someone the following day for a shoot. I started working with him and he introduced me to artists like The Cranberries, I’d do their album covers and they’d ask me to come and do their videos too so it just snowballed from there.

Who’s been your favourite client?

Oh gosh I’ve got lots; I’ve been working since the eighties so there have been so many from Alice Cooper and Yoko Ono to Steps!  I was in Belfast at the weekend with Kasabian and Coldplay for the MTV EMAs – they’re two great clients as well.

Between working on music videos, magazine editorials and TV what’s your favourite type of work?

I’m happy to do all of them and that’s the joy of my job, I get to do something new and different every day. Literally no day is the same. I did the X-Factor for six years and even that was never the same because you’re never doing the same look twice.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’d love to?

I’d love to work with Lady Gaga because she’s just so different and she uses make up in such a unique way. I think Rihanna’s got a great canvas and I think she’s up for doing interesting things with her look which is great.

What are your ‘magic wand’ on the go products?

A base like the new Avon flawless finish foundation (pictured) can be doubled up as a concealer. I never bother with powder because I like skin to look dewy. A lip colour like the Avon Shine Attract can also be used as a blusher.

I always have a mascara and a black eyeliner, I think defining your eyes is an absolute essential. Eyebrows are also important so a brown eyeshadow can be used for brows and eyelids.

Tell me a bit about the new Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation?

It’s unbelievably easy to use for anyone who struggles with getting a flawless application and it comes in sixteen shades. So many people ask me why their getting their foundation application wrong, this one is perfect as it goes on really smoothly, even without using a foundation brush.

It’s basically because the pigment works with the skin so it doesn’t sink into any dips or wrinkles, giving a perfect finish that looks completely natural and works on young and mature skin types. It’s been four years in the making and I’m just so pleased with it.

I’ve heard contradictory things about going down a shade for the winter and some people advise using the same shade and just adding more bronzer in the summer. What advice would you have on this?

I tend to use different colours according to season because your skin does change. I definitely look paler in the winter so instead of trying to be a colour I’m not,  I prefer to have a perfect match and add bronzer to lightly contour my face—it means no dreaded tide marks!

Tell me a little more about the new lipstick range that Avon are also launching?

The lipsticks have a hydrating gel around the edge so you can either have a sheer wash of colour around your lips that’s almost like a tinted lipbalm, or for more colour intensity you can build up the colour; or just use a lipbrush and dip it straight into the pigment to apply a more concentrated amount of colour to your lips. They’ve got vitamin E so it’s not just a superficial shine, they’re also really moisturising.

They’re perfect for people who want to play with colour but are a little unsure about strongly pigmented lipsticks and prefer more of a balm. The strong lip is a trend that’s going to run right through to next summer and you’ve got all the necessary shades here from hot pink, to red and plum plus many more.

What’s your number one skincare tip?

I use a gentle exfoliator everyday in the shower and moisturising is essential. Find a moisturiser that’s right for your skin type and never forget to use it day and night.

What are the biggest trends for the party season?

Bright, bright pigments are big this year. Reds, pinks and plums will carry you through to Christmas. Big eyes are still very popular and this season both are being combined in what was typically the ultimate faux pas (wearing both lipstick and eye makeup). Go crazy on it, it’s Christmas after all!

–    Gillian Brett

Pictured: The full Shine Attract Lipstick Collection and Ideal Flawless Foundation, both from Avon.

Availibility: The Avon range is not available in the shops but exclusively through independent sales reps.  To find a local Avon Representative,  customers can call 01 870 6540 or visit www.avon.ie.

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